Hawaiian Love

We had a great trip to Hawaii! I love that place and even in the madness of Waikiki my love was strong. I think I was Polynesian in a past life. For real. Anyway, we didn’t do a ton which was wonderful. Naps, time on the beach, time at the pool was the norm. We rented a car and drove to the North Shore which was fun. We had a picnic lunch with my cousin Orion on the land where he was building a house (he has a much better office (and tan!) then I do.) We stopped at the surf museum, saw whales and had the best shaved ice known to mankind. We also got to go to the Kokua Festival which is an outdoor concert to promote living green and giving back to the kids of Hawaii. It was Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews, which was amazing. They even did a duet of Jimmy Buffet’s “A Pirate Looks at Fourty”....I will spare you the set list. Needless to say, we both wish we were still on that beach trying to decide if we should cool off in the pool or the ocean….Sigh.

Pics from the trip are posted to the right…


Logan James!

I am so excited because there is a new Cookie in this world! Logan James Cook was born on April 15th and is the sweetest little guy (check out the pics!!). Shannon & Amy are doing well and are loving up the little man. I can’t wait to meet him next month in Boise!

We are back from a great Hawaiian vacation. I just love that place. I am trying to fight the post vacation blues and losing…We will try to post pics from the trip in the next few days...maybe it will help with the blues?!


The Pickle Goes To The Tropics!

Alas, the Hawaii trip is here! We are so excited to leave tomorrow and cant wait to jump in that ocean. We have had this trip planned for a long time and feel like we have earned it by enduring another NW winter. Maybe when we get back spring will really be here?!
We had a doctor apt this week which was (thankfully) uneventful. Our doctor is so mellow and is never fazed by my questions like…"are you sure it is ok to take a bath?! “ Anyway, Saturday starts the 26th week-that’s 6.5 months, people! I cant believe it. Maybe I will believe it when I put that bikini on. Yikes. We promise to post some good pics when we get back. Until then, ALOHA!


I Heart Spring

If you listen closely, you can hear the city of Seattle exhale. The sun came out today and the city rejoiced . We have all been very patient and were rewarded with an amazing day. It was 80+ degrees (my car said so!) so we walked the lake, picnicked in the park, ate ice cream and had dinner on our patio. Glorious. It wont last, but our vitamin D cups are full and the bottle of aloe has been dusted off (good training for Hawaii!). Enough about the weather, here is a pic from today (note the sunburn) and the start of the 25th week. The Pickle is 1.5 lb and the size of a “standard rutabaga” (not sure I have ever seen a rutabaga but I am just going with it)


Dad's are great!

This past weekend my dad was here visiting us and we had a great time. Since he has spent a good amount of time in seattle (thus done all the tourist things) we ended up hanging out, napping, eating good food and walking the lake. We also went to the UW campus and took pictures of the magnificent cherry blossoms. The foliage says its spring but the thermostat is still reading like February. Thank goodness we are going to Hawaii in 11 days. But who is counting?! Oh, and here is a belly picture (We are in the beginning of week 24), a pic of dad and one of the cherry blossoms.


I can see my girl in you

Garett here.

I have to say that I’m as excited as I’ve ever been for anything in my life and I keep finding little things that I can’t stop thinking about. When I see little babies at the coffee shop I can’t help but smile and think, “That’s going to me and my little girl soon!” I’ve also recently been obsessed with a baby picture that Sarah’s dad Larry gave to her a few months back. At first, I looked at it and commented on how cute the picture was but as Sarah’s belly grew I realized we have a little girl growing in that belly and if I’m lucky she’ll be just as cute as Sarah was. I’ve since put the picture on the wall next to my computer so I can smile at it everyday