Parker's New Trick

Garett often times get up with Parker in the morning so I can get some more rest. It seems like every time I come down the stairs they have a new trick to show me. This is what I saw this morning! Wasn’t it just yesterday that she was a tiny little peanut! Eeeks, it does go fast. Pause.



Memorial Day has come and gone. We had a jam packed weekend with a picnic, a trip to the farmers market, date night, a birthday (mine), ice cream cones (2x), a few trips to the park and sunshine. While at a picnic with pals, we learned that Parker LOVES watermelon. Check her out! She was being so funny by getting her whole head in there slurping away. My favorite part was Ryder’s reaction when Parker was getting all the attention (we were all laughing at her watermelon affection)!
The only other thing that happened this weekend is that Parker has been experimenting with balance and here she is on her own!
If this weekend is a taste of summer then I say bring it on!


9+ Months...

A few pics from the past week:

Parker is pulling up on and getting into everything (!). There is no safe cabinet, stair or drawer in this house!
After a 4:50am wake up (ugh) I was at the end of my rope and put on Sesame Street (it is the same after all these years!) for the first time. Here is Parker very, very interested for 5 minutes. It didn’t take her long to get bored and make her way to the stairs-up.down.up.down. Note: need gate at bottom of stairs!
Parker now likes to feed herself--little Miss Independent. Bring on the pressure washer!!



Everything is rosy in the blogosphere. But I have learned that parenting can be challenging and messy...today for example: I got Parker ready, headed out to get Garett a birthday present (happy 33rd G!) and the place was closed (ugh). So, I went to the grocery store to get ingredients to make birthday tiramisu. When I got Parker out of her car seat, I smelled poop. When I pulled up her shirt, the poop had already soaked through her entire outfit and made it into her armpits. I wasn’t about to go home so I busted out my diaper bag and rummaged through ( I have gotten pretty relaxed about the contents of the diaper bag: some misc socks, airplane pretzels, a few earrings etc). Luckily, I found a diaper and 4 *dry* wipes. They don’t do anything for you when they are dry. I striped her naked in the back seat of the car and threw everything on the ground in the parking lot. Next thing I knew, a crow came over and picked up the soiled diaper and wipes and jumped/flew away with it. EEWWWW. See, birds are gross! We ended up getting everything we needed but once we got home we had to do serious damage control ( I threw out most of the outfit. It was that bad!).

Back to the rosy stuff: Parker is 9 +months and doing really well. She is eating all sorts of thing (broccoli and tofu included!), cruising, dancing and best of all sleeping! Here is my favorite picture of the week. Hanging with her dad making her fish face. That face makes all the mess worth it!


More dancing...

We had a fun visit with The Cookies over the past few days. They came in from Boise for a quick trip and it is always so great to hang out with them! Logan is 13 months and was showing Parker a little bit about what is next --how to eat big and move fast!. They had a dance party of their own (we were making the best of a rainy day!) and Logan even shows off his new found skill of walking!
In the past week, Parker has fallen in love with her ladybug ball that we bought for her. She loves chasing it around the house and playing “catch” with us. Here are my favorite shots of her from this past week rocking her CUTE outfit from Ashleigh and playing ball.