Month re-cap!

Ok, so it has been a month since I last posted. It isn’t due to lack of interest rather lack of time. However, I love this as our journal of sorts and I love to look back on what Parker was like or what we were doing one year ago. With the launch of my new blog/site (www.sarahheitmanphotograohy.com) which displays pictures SOOOO much better than this blog I have been remiss. But I am feeling the heat from the few people who read this and who use this as a link to our family from afar. So, a quick recap of our month:
We had a great visit with my dad for a few weeks and appreciated his help sooo much, we went to the Bay Area for a visit with friends and family and Gar to work, Garett went on a boys mtb weekend in Ashland, we had friends come visit from NYC and Tahoe, I had a few photo shoots, a weekend on Whidbey Island for the 4th and lots of summer fun in between! I think the best photos of our life in motion are from my phone: Parker at the Farmers Market today, en route to one of 2 bday bashes this weekend, making muffins, hanging out with the college girls at Farmstead in Napa (YUM!):