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Whoa. Where did the summer go?! I always thought I would be better at keeping up this blog but with the addition of my new blog (www.sarahheitmanphotography.com) and a busy summer I have lagged behind. Just so we have a record of our life over the past 2 months, a recap: First of all, my mom was in Seattle for a month this summer which was such a blessing. We did so many fun things and got a ton of relief. I now know why people live in multi generational houses! Gar went to Whistler for a week for work/riding. I ran a 190 mile relay running race that was surprisingly fun and satisfying. We went to Lake Chelan with the Grissoms for a quick summer getaway. We celebrated Parker’s 3 rd birthday with a party and the tumble bus. I did my first commercial photography job and first visit to South Dakota. We went to a couple weddings and a few birthday parties. Parker did a week of super fun and exhausting summer camp. A trip to Eugene with lizzie to visit new baby Wyatt. A trip to NYC and that’s that. It has been so busy that I haven’t been able to cross off my usual summer excursions. A bummer but there is always next summer. I am thankful for the amazing Indian summer we have been having and looking forward to 2 weeks in the Bay Area/Tahoe and Parker starting preschool. Bring on the Fall! A few random photos: The RAGNAR team, Parker and her drawing of a sun, Parker and her 2 pals Sofia & Eleni, Liz and I with baby Wyatt, Tumble Bus for Parker's 3rd party, Parker and Dylan on thier 3rd b-day, Ryder in Chelan:


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Cute photos!

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