31 weeks & 33 years old

Whew, it has been awhile. Now that my trips have slowed down and people have stopped having babies, I don’t have a lot to report! I turned 33 last weekend and had a great birthday weekend—sun, a massage, good food, picnics etc. 31 weeks is starting to slow me down—the walks have gotten shorter and the naps have gotten longer. But there is light at the end of the tunnel--- 8.5 weeks to go! We will take some pics this weekend as the belly is starting to take on a mind of its own. Until then….


Sweet Logan

I just got back from Boise and had a great time with the Cooks. We hung close to home which is perfect for a very pregnant lady and the mama of a newborn. Logan stole my heart and I cant wait to watch him grow up. Check out this pic of Logan and his pops!PS I cant believe we are going to have one of those soon (10 week in counting!)
Here is the Cookie clan on a walk with Sydney the dog and sweet baby Logan...


Birthday Boy!

Today is the beginning of the 29th week (11 weeks to go!) and my honey’s birthday! This is one of my favorite pictures of the birthday boy holding Ryder a few weeks ago. He is going to be a phenomenal papa! Also, here is a picture from tonight: me and the belly resting. Garett is off to California this week for work and then visiting our good pals (The Norman’s) in Tahoe before they move to Germany! I am holding down the fort and then off to Boise on Friday to meet Logan James Cook! It is my last trip for awhile and I am looking forward to some time with the Cooks and in the desert (read: sun)


California Dreamin’

I just got back from a fabulous trip to California! On Friday, I went to see my dad and my 92-year-old grandma in Davis. It was fun to be in Davis in springtime, have a slice of Woodstock’s pizza (not as good as I remember it!), see my grandma, & hang out with my dad. Friday night I had dinner with my mom and dad (a treat for a girl whose parents have been divorced for 32 years!) and then mom and I spent the night in SF. Sat morning we went to IO (the best spa in SF and beyond!) and then to a sweet baby shower that my college pals threw for me. It was wonderful to have so many amazing women in one place! Old friends, new friends and family all coming together to hang out in the sunshine and to help the little lady enter this world gracefully. What a treat?!

We are in the 28th week (the start of the 7th month!) and all is going well. I have a routine glucose test this week, which will test for gestational diabetes (I am crossing my fingers that all the cookie’s I ate this weekend will not lead to a positive test!). She is almost 3 pounds and the size of a Chinese cabbage. Again, not exactly sure what that looks like but it must look like a bowling ball b/c that is what the belly is beginning to look like!

Pic above is some of the cute onesies that the girls made for the Pickle at the shower. I will try to post the rest of the pics in the next couple of days….