Photo Class

Ok, so I am taking a super cool online photography workshop (Bloom Workshop) right now. Our first assignment is to take a picture of someone by a window with no post processing. It is good practice in getting the right exposure etc. This is from a play date we went on the other day. Babies are so much easier to shoot than toddlers!

Here are some shots that ARE edited! So much better :)


Sweet Parker

Parker this weekend with my new logo watermark! Still loves her “unny” so….



I don’t fancy myself a project/crafty kind of person. But the other day in Target Parker was obsessed with the glue sticks so I thought "why not?" We have been talking a lot about the days of the weeks so we made a days of the week chain. And you can tell by the look on Parker’s face that it was met with medium enthusiasm. Maybe next time I can come up with something more exciting! A few other pictures of her since I have gone kind of dark in the blog world….Oh and PS I didnt win the contest below. There were 2000 entries!