Best. Birthday. Ever (well, except Paris for my 30th). It started with a wonderful brunch with my girlfriends on Sunday. Then, on Monday, Garett orchestrated a surprise visit from my mom. She jumped out of the bathroom and made Parker and I scream, cry and squeal with delight. After the shock wore off, I went for a nice run in the sun (only sunny day all month—I swear). Then, Gar and I went downtown and shopped, ate at LUC and got Molly Moon’s (quickly becoming a birthday tradition). At dinner Gar told me that he had one more surprise: we weren’t going home but to Salish Lodge for the night. And, I am pretty sure that the gift of sleeping-in might have been the best gift ever. Oh, and then a massage on tues am. Best. Best birthday and best husband!
I don’t have many pics to share. Only this one of the lodge on top of the falls from my phone. Amazing!
There is so much more to report as we are packing up our life for 2 months and heading South (may the sun shine on us!!!!!) but I have to go pack some bags. Until next time....



A few pics from the annual May Bday bash....
Parker and Ryder kissing and cousin Winter not happy about it! Can you stand it???
Sweet baby Harper Priess
Parker & Ryder holding hands
Winter eating s'mores!


Sunny weekend!

Hooray for sunny Seattle weekends! On Friday night, Parker got to spend the night with Grandma Susan and GG which meant that Gar I got to go out to dinner and sleep in (ok, I was up at 6am). Thanks to Susan & Greg for taking such good care of our girl! They also bought her a push bike. A shiney purple bike. Watch out. We had a great dinner with the Grissoms on Friday night at La Medusa (http://www.lamedusarestaurant.com/) in Columbia City. It certainly isn’t the newest/ hottest place but it is all the things I love! The food is amazing, fresh and local and it is such a cute space. Here are the bdays boys (1 day apart) who showed up in the same EXACT shirt (sorry about the iphone quality pic)! Also, captured on the iphone camera was Parker eating a stick of butter. For real. She couldn’t get enough. We tried to put it on pancakes but she preferred to just lick the stick. Hopefully, the calories are reflected in our upcoming weight check!
Lastly, is a picture of P that I took at Gasworks park. She loves running around that place and watching all the sea planes land.


Happy Bday G$!

Gar turned 34 yesterday and Parker was more excited about it than he was! This is my favorite pic from yesterday. Gar told her to “close her eyes and make a wish!” Happy Birthday, G! We love you so much...



We did it! 13.1 miles. Half marathon. Check. First of all, I don’t know how anyone ever runs a marathon. Omg. I would die. Anyway, we did it and it was a great weekend! Everything came together perfectly including some amazing weather. The course was beautiful, we ate good Portland food and stayed at a nice hotel. Parker had fun riding the “train” and jumping on the hotel bed! Here are a few pictures—who knew that running pictures are the most unflattering pics EVER. Thanks to the boys for all their support along the way...Liz, Carly and myself before the race, me hitting mile 13 (whoot. whoot), at the finish line, 900 ladies running!


Soccer & Running...

Gymnastics is so yesterday. Parker has moved onto Soccer (well as much as a 21 month old can be “into” something!). Garett takes Parker every Saturday morning to Lil’ Kickers which means I get a few hours to myself (read: running). They get doughnuts afterwards and sometimes hit the park which I love. We got a “uniform” when we signed up and I promise you, it wont fit her until 1 st grade. I am not joking—but we put it on anyway!

Also, my photo class is coming to a close and I am trying to catch up on the last few assignments. Here is the pic that I submitted for “pockets” of light---trying to find good light in your own home.
AND the half marathon is THIS WEEKEND! It looks like the weather will hold and am looking forward to hanging in Portland and the finish line—because most of the time it is about the journey but I am thinking this is going to be all about the finish line

And one last one of P playing with stickers the other day....
Wish me luck!