Catch up

Whoa. Where did the summer go?! I always thought I would be better at keeping up this blog but with the addition of my new blog (www.sarahheitmanphotography.com) and a busy summer I have lagged behind. Just so we have a record of our life over the past 2 months, a recap: First of all, my mom was in Seattle for a month this summer which was such a blessing. We did so many fun things and got a ton of relief. I now know why people live in multi generational houses! Gar went to Whistler for a week for work/riding. I ran a 190 mile relay running race that was surprisingly fun and satisfying. We went to Lake Chelan with the Grissoms for a quick summer getaway. We celebrated Parker’s 3 rd birthday with a party and the tumble bus. I did my first commercial photography job and first visit to South Dakota. We went to a couple weddings and a few birthday parties. Parker did a week of super fun and exhausting summer camp. A trip to Eugene with lizzie to visit new baby Wyatt. A trip to NYC and that’s that. It has been so busy that I haven’t been able to cross off my usual summer excursions. A bummer but there is always next summer. I am thankful for the amazing Indian summer we have been having and looking forward to 2 weeks in the Bay Area/Tahoe and Parker starting preschool. Bring on the Fall! A few random photos: The RAGNAR team, Parker and her drawing of a sun, Parker and her 2 pals Sofia & Eleni, Liz and I with baby Wyatt, Tumble Bus for Parker's 3rd party, Parker and Dylan on thier 3rd b-day, Ryder in Chelan:


Month re-cap!

Ok, so it has been a month since I last posted. It isn’t due to lack of interest rather lack of time. However, I love this as our journal of sorts and I love to look back on what Parker was like or what we were doing one year ago. With the launch of my new blog/site (www.sarahheitmanphotograohy.com) which displays pictures SOOOO much better than this blog I have been remiss. But I am feeling the heat from the few people who read this and who use this as a link to our family from afar. So, a quick recap of our month:
We had a great visit with my dad for a few weeks and appreciated his help sooo much, we went to the Bay Area for a visit with friends and family and Gar to work, Garett went on a boys mtb weekend in Ashland, we had friends come visit from NYC and Tahoe, I had a few photo shoots, a weekend on Whidbey Island for the 4th and lots of summer fun in between! I think the best photos of our life in motion are from my phone: Parker at the Farmers Market today, en route to one of 2 bday bashes this weekend, making muffins, hanging out with the college girls at Farmstead in Napa (YUM!):


How to move your HIPS!

A video for this sunny Friday. Parker is REALLY into hula and this is how its done :).


Some Pics from the week!

A few pictures from Garett's b-day and playing outside last week. Baking a cake and celebrating Garett, Parker learning to skateboard!



We just got back from the best trip to Mexico. It was 7 adults for 7 night and all fabulous….we rented a house on the beach in San Pancho, a small town outside of PV. The house was perfect with plenty of space, a plunge pool and a great kitchen. We dropped Parker off and picked her up at SFO with Yaya an Gpa Don. She had a fun week romping around northern California with them. Thanks to them for making our adult only get away possible!!!. Here are some pictures from our trip. One of the amazing sunsets, Shaun pondering life with marg, Gar and me, the gang, margs on the first night, our house from the beach:



Hello! I know that there are only 7 people that read this blog but for those of you who are out there (mom!), this one is for you ). So, the last couple of weeks have been crazy. I went to NYC for work and to visit my pal Kerry—I worked all day and ate yummy food by night. It was so nice to catch up with an old pal. Back from NYC, I have been trying to find the right balance between work and momhood. Not sure I am there yet. Parker did get a haircut and I swear she looks 5 years older. It was the official good bye to the baby mullet which I am 99% happy about and 1% reminiscent and sad about! Oh, and Jess and Liz came to visit me in their annual Seattle trip. I loved every minute and have no photos of the visit. I have done a couple of photoshoots in the past couple weeks and hoping that the sun and business picks up in the coming months! We are off to Mexico in a week (kid-free) and I can’t wait to be warm in my bones and to sleep…a lot. Some shots--from a spring time shoot,parker and her pals from school (pre hair cut), new hair cut pic from my phone.


Photo Class

Ok, so I am taking a super cool online photography workshop (Bloom Workshop) right now. Our first assignment is to take a picture of someone by a window with no post processing. It is good practice in getting the right exposure etc. This is from a play date we went on the other day. Babies are so much easier to shoot than toddlers!

Here are some shots that ARE edited! So much better :)


Sweet Parker

Parker this weekend with my new logo watermark! Still loves her “unny” so….



I don’t fancy myself a project/crafty kind of person. But the other day in Target Parker was obsessed with the glue sticks so I thought "why not?" We have been talking a lot about the days of the weeks so we made a days of the week chain. And you can tell by the look on Parker’s face that it was met with medium enthusiasm. Maybe next time I can come up with something more exciting! A few other pictures of her since I have gone kind of dark in the blog world….Oh and PS I didnt win the contest below. There were 2000 entries!


I heart faces

I am entering this photo into a photo contest about photos with no faces. There are only 500 entries! HA. I love this photo b/c it reminds me of summer and I am ready for some sun! If you are a photographer this is a pretty cool site to check out.


Right before our very eyes.

Parker is growing up. I swear it is happening so quickly—don’t blink. It isn’t anything specific but more in the details—she goes on the big girl swing and rides the carousel alone. She loves doing things herself- “I DO IT!”. She likes to play with other kids without her mom around (not without incident might I add). She loves “hula” dresses and painting her nails. She sleeps with a comforter and can go to the bathroom without help and even washes her hands (sometimes). Here are some shots of her the other day in her skirt that she hasn’t taken off since we bought it. Literally she napped in it the other day!


Hawaii on my mind

Ahhhh, Hawaii. I love the way you make my soul unwind and fill up my Vit D cup. This year we went to Oahu and rented a place with my Mom & Don on the windward side of the island. We stayed near a beach called Lanikai which I am pretty sure is the best kept Hawaiian secret (I guess it isn’t really secret since the Obamas vacation there. Hummm.). It is this amazing, gentle piece of paradise that was 2 blocks from our house. Parker was in heaven. And so was I! Garett and I snuck off for 2 days alone to go hang out in Honolulu and ate great food and drank our weight in Mai Tai’s. Garett deserved all the calories since he rode 95 miles around the island of Oahu that day. Me. Not so much but damn they were good! And if that wasn’t enough, my dad was there so Parker got time with Opa and our cousins whom we wished lived closer and who make the most beautiful children. I am thankful for our yearly trip to the tropics and am already looking forward to next year!

Baby Tai. Isnt he beautiful?!Parker wearing a hula skirt that we boght for her on our mini trip.Fun with dad!Ilene and Parker at the Honolulu zoo:Gar & I on a hike above our house looking down on LanikaiParker at the zooParker & HippoLoving Lanikai!


Leaving on a jet plane!

Parker is saying the funniest things these days. I try to jot notes, video and take mental notes of them but I know it wont do her justice. It’s the voice and the timing and the intonation that kills me. She sounds, well, just like me sometimes. And other times more like Dora (“come on vamanos”). And while she doesn’t sound much like Gar she looks. Just. Like. Him. Today she turned to me and said “mama, I sure did have fun at soccer”. Really and are you 28?
Besides battling the winter colds (my LEAST favorite part of parenting) we have been doing some fun things. Parker went to her first soccer class without a parent and rocked it. Um, and please report to the girl standing next to her (#7). I think she really might be 28! We had our neighbor pals over for dinner last weekend ---13 bodies in the smallest house on the block! Someday I will have them over and we will all get to sit at a table but until then it is fun to sit on the floor! Lastly, I took a black and white FILM photography class last weekend. It was so amazing to go back to the basics but oh my god it is a labor of love. It was a 5 hour class and I left with one (one!) 8x10. The dark room is a dying art and I LOVE the print I made. And of course I cant show you the print so just picture my feet by a storm drain. I know. Sounds lame but trust me that it came out with the coolest textures etc. And last but not least we are leaving on a jet plane for HAWAII in less than 48 hours. I will dust off that big camera of mine and take advantage of the love and light that will be there!


Soon Enough....

The official countdown has begun. 10 days till we leave for Hawaii!! Our annual trip cannot come fast enough...I sure do know myself and know that by end of January, I need some SUN. I don’t have a ton of pictures as the camera has been more of a paperweight than a tool of art (hoping to be inspired in Hawaii!). Garett did take this one yesterday at the Lake with his phone! And, these two are from my past two sessions: 1) from a professional headshot photo shoot 2) Holiday card shoot. More action to come in the next few weeks!