It is not all about me

We are in the 14th week and The Pickle is the size of a lemon! But, it is not all about me or The Pickle. Garett has been a huge support during the last 3 (CRAZY) months. The only way he is staying sane is fresh, crisp mountain air. While I have been at home (on the couch) making a baby he has been snowshoeing to the tops of mountains with his pals (Jesse-The Reverend with sweet Derby the Dog & Jake-The Brother) then snowboarding down. Fun, huh?! Anyway, check out the few pics he has taken from his adventures! No wonder he loves the Pacific Northwest so much!


Thanksgiving Pants?

Yesterday morning I had a fashion meltdown. It is 27 degrees outside and none of my pants fit. Well, ok they fit but they make me nauseous if I try to zip them up. Thankfully, I have the Bella Band (Thanks to my dear friend Lizzie!) which fashionably disguises unbuttoned pants. Even still, I needed a better solution. The beer belly is getting out of hand. That’s when I took my very first trip to Gap Maternity. I got a skirt and a pair of pants and a completely new attitude about the beer belly. I can rock this. The pants have a little adjustable band in the back so they are discrete and comfy! Yahoo! I think there is a business idea in selling theses pants to the masses for Thanksgiving. They grow with you…all the way through pumpkin pie.


It was time

Today was the day. It was time to tell my colleagues that I was pregnant. Since I work in an office of 12 I knew it would not take long for news to spread. Instead of an email or an announcement, I just wore my new shirt….all it says is “knocked up”. It took people a few seconds but now I can take my jacket off and let the beer belly hang out. Phew.


Test Results

The Dr called today to report back on the test results from the 1st trimester screen. They put all these factors into a formula and spit out a ratio that your baby will have genetic abnormalities. Yikes. Anyway, our numbers look good which is great news for Team Heitman!

We are in the middle of week 13 and the baby is the size of a jumbo shrimp. Last week it was the size of a lime. Hum, doesn’t a lime seem bigger then a shrimp? Oh well, at least we are evolving!

Pretty soon, we will post a picture of the beer (I mean baby) belly!

Until then….G, S & The Pickle


Oh baby!

There really is a baby in there! Holy cow…and guess what? Boy or girl it is going to be a cyclist. Honest to God, we saw its little legs spinning away. Needless to say, Garett was thrilled. These pics were from an ultrasound that we got yesterday as part of the first trimester screening (we will get test results back next week so stay tuned)

Right now, the baby is approximately 2 inches long and the size of a lime. Saturday starts the beginning of the 13th week and the time when my pants officially no longer fit. Its not so much of a cute baby belly but more of a beer gut. Lovely. Time to hit Old Navy for some bigger pants. Other then that, we are hanging tight (literally!) and taking one day at a time.


Its true...

Sometime in Nov I had a suspicion that I might be knocked up. I took the test and low and behold it was positive. In that moment, I thought it would be like the movies but instead I stood there in shock. Me? Pregnant? Gar had to look at the pee stick to see for himself. Yup, its true. So, begins the journey of us and the Pickle. One day at a time.