Sleepy Sleep

For 5 months we have been swaddling and coaxing our little girl to sleep. Tonight, we decided it was time that she learn to do it herself and it was torture. Alas, she sleeps (after 56 minutes) but yikes it went against every fiber in my mama core! I hope tomorrow night gets easier… Here are a couple of pictures from the past few days…Resting and growing some hair (just a few!)



Where to start? So many things to report…First of all, its still snowing. We are trying to make the best of it but I miss 50 and rainy! We had a great holiday and were very happy to not travel anywhere since it was a total mess at SEATAC. We spent xmas eve and day with gar’s brothers and dad & susan which was great and then xmas dinner with good pals last night. Parker is doing well, she is almost 5 months (how did that happen?!) and is sitting up on her own (with a spotter) and starting to grab for food. Here are a few pics from the past week: Our little cupcake sitting up (who me?), Gar and his girl going out into the SNOW,Parker on xmas eve wearing the hat that Susan made her!


We are moving to Hawaii!

Just kidding. But seriously, it has been snowing (off and on) since we got home from California and quite honestly, I am ready for summer which is unfortunate since this is just the beginning. I miss my flip flops. I do appreciate snow and this cozy time of year. Its just that being stuck inside with a 4 month old me makes want to pull out the last few hairs that I have! There are a few good things about snow days…people don’t have to work or go to school, hot chocolate, the quietness of the snow and people being neighborly. But, I would trade it all for my flip flops and sunglasses…whose with me???

Here are a few shots of Parker and I making the best of it yeasterday….I know I look concerned, I am!


Still in California

This is our last week in California and we are spending it in Berkeley. Garett is working all week and Parker and I are going to try to get in some more time with friends and family. We have had a great time so far and have consumed fabulous food, hung with good friends, played golf, thrown a baby shower (me, not gar!) hiked and packed and un-packed the car a bunch of times. So fun (minus the packing the car part)!

Parker was officially 4 months yesterday and is doing well. She is getting ready to sit up by herself (maybe a few more weeks?) and is making us laugh daily.

Some recent pics….Parker hanging with dad, Liz at her baby shower, Soph holding the best shower cupcakes in the world!



We just spent a great week in Jenner, CA with my mom and step dad…we celebrated thanksgiving with friends and family, hiked/rode around their land and soaked up some sunshine. My mom loves being a grandma and Gar and I love the extra help (read: sleep). And the best part of it all is that we have 2 more weeks in California. Tomorrow we head down to the Bay and get in some city and friend time and hopefully a date night! Here are some pics from the week: Parker at 4 months old, Mom enjoying the sunset from the front deck, Parker as a California Diva (thanks Jess A!), Gar hitting some golf balls off into the ocean!