So much to report! Parker and I just got back from a week in California. It was a whirlwind but we spent a few days relaxing in Jenner with my mom and don. Here is my favorite picture of my mom happy in her country garden:

Parker had fun playing with her Yaya and it was nice for me to take a little break.
My mom bought so much gear for Parker—she loved it! Here she is in her euro bath tub pod that mom bought. Not sure it was “womb like” as promised but P liked it.
After Jenner, we went to visit my dad and my 93 year old grandma in Davis. It was great for Parker to meet her great grandma (no pics of this meeting yet!) and to reminisce about all the fun times I had in Davis. Here is Parker eating a plum from the Davis farmers market (note dripping juice from her chin!)—LOVE.
After Davis Parker and I took off for Karen’s baby shower in Sacramento. It was a quick visit with the ladies but I will take what I can get. Here is a shot of Parker and me at the shower.

And a picture of all the ladies. We have been pals for 16 years. OMG.
All the while Garett was romping around in Canada riding and racing his bike. We were all very happy to be home together to celebrate his first fathers day. And what a father he is!!!



I wish I could press the “pause” button. Why is life going by so quickly these days?! Since I cant press “pause”, I thought I would capture a few of Parker’s milestones, likes and dislikes in a list. That way we can look back on June 2009 and remember what our little ladybug was up to. One of my favorite things as a parent is watching Parker grow and change. The little things that no one but Garett or I care about. We are in awe of her. So, here goes. Just a few:

+ She is officially doing the sign for “more”. It is amazing to see her communicate! She also does “all done” but it is the same as goodbye, hello, and the Beyonce “all the single ladies” dance. So we just go with it.
+ She HATES her car seat and will wiggle and squirm and yell with all her might in hopes of getting out of it. And she is a strong little thing!
+ She loves music and still does a dance anytime there are good tunes playing
+ She love Veggie Booty and could eat a whole bag if we let her
+ She loves her Miss Bunny stuffed animal and will reach for it any time we put her down to sleep. Sometimes we think she might love bunny more than us.
+ She loves to swing and could swing all day. AND throws a fit every time we take her out.
+ Her dad can make her laugh harder than anyone. Just a quick peek a boo and he can have her going
+ She likes to play with the swiffer and anything in a kitchen cupboard.
+ She pulls up on everything, likes to climb stairs and likes to show off that she can balance on her own two feet.

Hopefully, in a year these will jog our memory. Here are a couple of recent pics to go along with the list....

PS Yes, those are nail clippers in her mouth. Safety first!

Off to California for Karen's baby shower and some family time!!



Enough about the kid. Lets talk about the weather!! Last week was amazing and actually the whole month of May has been fantastic. It did get a little too hot for us but we managed just fine. And now that they marine layer is back, no one is melting. Ok, back to the kid. Here are a few shots from my phone from the last week: On our way to swim in Greenlake for the first time(!), where did she get that trashy reading?!, pooped after a pool party at her pal Eli's house...