Have you ever been so tired that you feel like you are underwater? That’s what it is like. Approaching week 3, we are loving up our little one but relating to the rest of the world underwater (if I have forgotten to call you back or told you a story more then once, I apologize!).

This week was full of firsts. We had a picnic, went out to dinner with my dad, went to a concert in the park and gave Sweet P her first bath. That's not to say that there were no tears or hard days (today, I didn’t take a shower OR brush my teeth) so one day at a time.

On Thursday, all 4 of my college girls are coming to visit. I am really looking forward to Parker meeting her aunties and catching up with the ladies!!

Here are a few pics and one to prove that she is not always sleeping like an angel…

On our way to the Amos Lee concert in the parkLounging in my new cute pants from my aunites....


The Bird!

Today our little ladybug is 2 weeks old. We made it through week 2. Hoorah!!

Last night when we were putting her in her car seat, she had a full on melt down. She has this lower lip quivering; no breathing, red faced cry that instantly makes me cry too. She was wailing but it didn’t take long for her to conk out (love the car!) Once I recovered from my crying, I looked down at her sweet little self and saw this (see pic below)!! No joke, this picture has not been altered. Hopefully, it is not a sign of things to come.

Garett and I thought it was pretty funny but then again anything is funny (or hysterically sad) on 3 hours of sleep. One day at a time here at the Heitman’s. We will post more sweet pictures of her soon!


Summer Heat

I am the queen of the summer. I love the way summer smells and being hot and getting sun kissed. But this is really bad timing. We have a 9 day old baby and it is supposed to be 98 today and tomorrow. I would have never guessed that I would be chasing indoor air conditioning in August in Seattle but that is our mission today. The irony. Anyway, we are doing well and adjusting to sweet Parker and her world. Here are a few more pics from the past few days…


Week One

We made it though week one! Tomorrow, Parker is one week young. It has been a crazy but amazing week. We are all sleepy and getting to know each other but loving this special time…All is well. Here are a few pics from the past few days.


Parker Olivia Heitman!

At long last! Sweet Parker Olivia became a citizen of the world on 8/6/08...She weighed a healthy 8lb 9 oz and is stunning. We had no idea how in love we could be! We just got home today and are adjusting to life with a little one. More later when we have slept more than 3 hours. A few pics from the past 3 days. Happily in love, Sarah & Garett


Nope, Not Yet

I thought if we aren’t going to announce the arrival of a certain someone then we should talk about the next best thing, summer in Seattle! This weekend is Seafair which is basically the celebration of summer here—the Blue Angels come out as well as everyone and their Uncle. Yesterday, Garett and I spent the day at my mom’s lovely cottage that she has rented for the month and watched the Blue Angels rip over our heads and hung out in the sun. I am trying hard to appreciate this free summer time that I have been given. Here are a few pics from the day: mom happy on her porch, Gar in his "Girl" hat, the planes over the lake with the Eastside in the background & me being happy about summer...

Oh, and I am officially 9 days late and we have a dr apt tomorrow to see what’s happening…


One week POST due

Well, we have no news. We are a week late and have one more week before they will induce me…41 weeks of ANYTHING is pushing the limits for me. I try to remain a good hostess but all good things must come to an end! Hopefully, we will get to meet this little girl soon! Stay tuned….