Wrapping up January

I can’t believe that January is almost over! Parker is closing in on 6 months (also unbelievable) and is just getting over her first little cold. Garett and I bought ourselves a video camera for Christmas and just worked out how to load videos. This one is Parker learning how to wave goodbye…

Now, on to February!


Back in Town

We had a great time in Boise with the Cookie’s. We ate good food, went to the mountains, played games and caught up. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the weekend: Logan (9 months) wearing Garett's hat, Parker & I hanging out in the snow, Amy with the kids, The Cookie's...


Off to Idaho we go…

We are heading to Boise this week so Parker can meet one of her many boyfriends, Logan James (xoxox Jackson & Ryder!). We are looking forward to catching up with the Cookie’s and hanging out. Other than that, there isn’t a lot to report. A big thank you to Grandpa Greg who babysat last night so we could go out on a date!
Here is Parker cheek to cheek with Grandpa! A few other pics from the past week: Parker in the laundry basket (why do kids love to be amongst laundry?!) and loving up the washcloth (teething?) in her boy jammies...!


Blogging along

This time last year, we started this blog with a quick freaked out ("ohmygod, I am pregnant!")post. It has been quite the year and we are so happy to have some of the milestones documented. Since this has become our journal/baby book of sorts we will continue writing and rambling into 09---may it be a happy, fun and healthy year for all.

Here is a picture of our sweet baby girl in her new H & M sweatshirt. She is so cool.


5 months!

A few things to report on Parker's 5 month b-day....

* This week we took Parker to her first swim lesson. It was too cute and we have 10 weeks of it! Watch out Phelps! Here she is in her very tiny (and not that cute—it is hard to find a swimsuit in seattle in January for a 4 month old!) bathing suit waiting with her dad.
*I am happy to report that my dear friend Liz (Green) Davis gave birth to a happy healthy little girl last night. Welcome to the world Maya Rose!
*Our new years was very mellow but went for a little hike on NY Day which was great. Here is my favorite shot of the day...
*Lastly, I am sad to report that while sleep training is working, I have not gotten the 8 hours that I dream of….maybe in the 6th month?!


Ode to The Big Green Ball

Who knew that an exercise ball would have been our most important piece of baby equipment. It was. The ball would make Parker go from screaming to sleeping in a matter of minutes (granted, sometimes it would take hours) and what else can you ask for as new freaked out parents? We loved that thing so much that we took it on vacation with us (Whistler AND California), I took it to dinner parties and to book clubs. In fact, one time it rolled out of the car and into the middle of the street and we went running for it like it was our best friend rolling away. It is a miracle that we did not pop it—a true testament to the strength of rubber. We figure that we bounced on that thing for 5 months, which is approximately 150 days, 3x day (which is underestimating), for 8 minutes per session (which is also underestimating) and there are 130 bounces per minute (that’s pure science). That my friends, is approximately 500,000 bounces. No wonder my back hurts. But on New Year’s day we ceremoniously let the air out of the ball and had a small party. It was our New Years miracle. Sleep training really works.

Happy 2009!