5 months!

A few things to report on Parker's 5 month b-day....

* This week we took Parker to her first swim lesson. It was too cute and we have 10 weeks of it! Watch out Phelps! Here she is in her very tiny (and not that cute—it is hard to find a swimsuit in seattle in January for a 4 month old!) bathing suit waiting with her dad.
*I am happy to report that my dear friend Liz (Green) Davis gave birth to a happy healthy little girl last night. Welcome to the world Maya Rose!
*Our new years was very mellow but went for a little hike on NY Day which was great. Here is my favorite shot of the day...
*Lastly, I am sad to report that while sleep training is working, I have not gotten the 8 hours that I dream of….maybe in the 6th month?!

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