We had a jam packed weekend with Kerry’s going away party (boo) on Friday night and a surprise baby shower for Kelly on Saturday. Kelly was genuinely surprised and it was such a sweet shower. Pics below.

I do realize that the last few posts have not been very Parker focused. This is a good thing—I think it means I am getting my life back and I can assure you that she is still cute as ever.

We leave for Hawaii this week YAHOOOO and are just trying to keep everyone healthy (perhaps unsuccessfully) before we go. I think it is going to be a long trip getting there but the pay off will be worth it! ALOHA!!


Girls weekend

Well, the weekend started in the toilet. Literally. As I went to throw something away, my iphone slipped right out of my packet and landed in the toilet. I sear it was only in there for .5 seconds but it quickly shut down and died. I read on the internet that you should put it in a bowl of rice for a few days to absorb the moisture and then pray to the Gods of technology that the Apple icon will appear 3 days later. Guess what?! It did!! I am so happy.

After the phone drama, I set off on a girls weekend with some mom pals. We went to Seabrook and had a fun weekend-eating, sleeping, eating. I am happy to be home with Gar and P who had a great weekend hanging out with Jake and Danielle.

Now, the countdown to Hawaii! 8 days....

Here are a few pics from the weekend:


Maya's First

I just got back from a fast and fun weekend in The Bay. Garett & Parker stayed here and had a blast with Grandma Susan and Uncle Jake. I had a nice break with a great dinner with the girls in SF (coolest wine bar EVER... http://www.pressclubsf.com/ . If anyone wants to loan me a few million I would love to open one in Seattle!). Maya’s first birthday party and Hebrew naming was so sweet and it was great to catch up with old pals. Here are a few of my favorite pics from the weekend. Thanks, Gar for letting me go and thanks to Liz and Josh for being such good hosts!
(Davis family during naming ceremony, Maya's yummy cupcakes & Maya- One year old!)


Pure Yogurt Bliss

These pictures were taken with my new lens which is only exciting for...me. Anyway, I am still playing with it and totally geeking out. Here is Parker's first yogurt facial. Clearly, we are still working on eating on our own!



Happy New Year!! We had a mellow NYE and are just trying to all get well around here...we are getting it all out of the way for ’10. I am off to CA alone(!) this weekend and will be sure to have lots of stories and pics to report upon my return. Here is a picture that my friend Annie B took of Parker on NYE at Kerry’s house.