We are back in Seattle and it feels good. It is summertime and there really is no place like home. Anyway, things got a little crazy the last few weeks but we did have a great visit with the Cookies. Logan and Parker had a great time playing together and Amy and I had fun reminiscing about living in Tahoe. A few pic from their trip:
Oh, and happy 4 year anniversary to us! I wouldnt want to go through this journey with anyone else! My favorite pic of Gar from the week!
Still to come: Pics from the Davis Girl weekend!



We are on the mend. I hope. Poor Kate and Gadiel. They really got to see what the underbelly of parenting is like. And poor Parker. She had huge sores on her tongue and down her throat-no sleep, no food, no smiles. It sucked. Anyway, Kate and Gadiel were troopers and we even rented stand up paddle boards which was on my “to-do” list. A few pictures: Prego Kate SUP, Parker punking it out, dinner with old friends at Sunnyside, Gadiel getting ready to head out.
Today is our last day in our house and I am trying not to be sad. We have a fun weekend to look forward to with my college girl friends + families and a month (at least!) of Seattle summer fun. I am just REALY going to miss our sweet summer sabbatical.


Our week

We had a great week with Greg and Susan here! The guys got to golf and ride and Susan and I hiked the Rubicon trail; we cooked and ate good food and hung out at the beach with Parker. Sadly, our little summer fantasy has been rudely interrupted with a super sick little girl. I think it might be the hardest its been since the newborn days. When I am in the sun, I get cold sores and apparently I passed it along to Parker who now has massive sores in her mouth and a fever. She hasn’t eaten or slept for days which makes for a super awesome toddler. Our friends Kate and Gadiel are here and they are expecting their first in November. I am pretty sure we are scaring the *crap* out of them. Anyway, I haven’t been taking many pictures but Susan did so here are a few of the past week. Hopefully, we are on the mend and can enjoy our last (sniffle) week here!Greg and Susan on a ride by the lake, Greg and Susan on a LONG mtn bike ride, one hot grandma with Parker, Parker enjoying her daily ice cream cone!


Old Hoodies

What is it about old friends? Not like an old shoe because I like new shoes but more like the old hoodie you have that is worn and soft and has traveled a million miles with you. Anyway, I just got to spend time with 2 of my oldest friends—Barb & Kim. After we got over the shock of being friends for over 20 years we didn’t miss a beat. That not missing a beat part is the best. It was great to see Parker and Ella play together and to get to know Barb’s awesome boyfriend better. Barb, marry him! While Parker and I were hanging out with old friends, Garett and his dad were in Downiville racing bikes. It was a 2 day race and Garett kicked tons of butt and got 3rd !!! We are spending this week with Greg and Susan and have already had an great time with them! A few of my favorite pics: Mike & a sleeping Parker on our hike, a fun BBQ, Barb on the hike, sweet Ella:


Happy fourth!

Another great weekend at Chez Heitman! The Grissoms left this morning and we had a fabulous weekend with them. The guys got to ride their bikes, we soaked up lots of sun, had a lovely grown- up dinner out and let kids play/duke out! Here are some of my favorite shots from the weekend: Kel and Ryder blowing bubbles, Gar and I happy to be out to dinner, Cute Ryder, Kel and I at Sunnyside
My dear friend from high school, Kim, and her family are in town right now ad well. This is her daughter Ella and Parker solving the world’s problems. Love it!