Our week

We had a great week with Greg and Susan here! The guys got to golf and ride and Susan and I hiked the Rubicon trail; we cooked and ate good food and hung out at the beach with Parker. Sadly, our little summer fantasy has been rudely interrupted with a super sick little girl. I think it might be the hardest its been since the newborn days. When I am in the sun, I get cold sores and apparently I passed it along to Parker who now has massive sores in her mouth and a fever. She hasn’t eaten or slept for days which makes for a super awesome toddler. Our friends Kate and Gadiel are here and they are expecting their first in November. I am pretty sure we are scaring the *crap* out of them. Anyway, I haven’t been taking many pictures but Susan did so here are a few of the past week. Hopefully, we are on the mend and can enjoy our last (sniffle) week here!Greg and Susan on a ride by the lake, Greg and Susan on a LONG mtn bike ride, one hot grandma with Parker, Parker enjoying her daily ice cream cone!

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