Happy fourth!

Another great weekend at Chez Heitman! The Grissoms left this morning and we had a fabulous weekend with them. The guys got to ride their bikes, we soaked up lots of sun, had a lovely grown- up dinner out and let kids play/duke out! Here are some of my favorite shots from the weekend: Kel and Ryder blowing bubbles, Gar and I happy to be out to dinner, Cute Ryder, Kel and I at Sunnyside
My dear friend from high school, Kim, and her family are in town right now ad well. This is her daughter Ella and Parker solving the world’s problems. Love it!

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Ranch Hand said...

hi!!! I finally caught up on your Tahoe adventures. The sky is 1000x more blue than I have ever seen it. Hooray! Sounds/looks like you are all having a fabulous time. LOVE the photo of your mom and Don. You should make them an album of all the gorgeous pics of them. Each photo oozes love. xoxoxoxo