Sleepy Sleep

For 5 months we have been swaddling and coaxing our little girl to sleep. Tonight, we decided it was time that she learn to do it herself and it was torture. Alas, she sleeps (after 56 minutes) but yikes it went against every fiber in my mama core! I hope tomorrow night gets easier… Here are a couple of pictures from the past few days…Resting and growing some hair (just a few!)



Where to start? So many things to report…First of all, its still snowing. We are trying to make the best of it but I miss 50 and rainy! We had a great holiday and were very happy to not travel anywhere since it was a total mess at SEATAC. We spent xmas eve and day with gar’s brothers and dad & susan which was great and then xmas dinner with good pals last night. Parker is doing well, she is almost 5 months (how did that happen?!) and is sitting up on her own (with a spotter) and starting to grab for food. Here are a few pics from the past week: Our little cupcake sitting up (who me?), Gar and his girl going out into the SNOW,Parker on xmas eve wearing the hat that Susan made her!


We are moving to Hawaii!

Just kidding. But seriously, it has been snowing (off and on) since we got home from California and quite honestly, I am ready for summer which is unfortunate since this is just the beginning. I miss my flip flops. I do appreciate snow and this cozy time of year. Its just that being stuck inside with a 4 month old me makes want to pull out the last few hairs that I have! There are a few good things about snow days…people don’t have to work or go to school, hot chocolate, the quietness of the snow and people being neighborly. But, I would trade it all for my flip flops and sunglasses…whose with me???

Here are a few shots of Parker and I making the best of it yeasterday….I know I look concerned, I am!


Still in California

This is our last week in California and we are spending it in Berkeley. Garett is working all week and Parker and I are going to try to get in some more time with friends and family. We have had a great time so far and have consumed fabulous food, hung with good friends, played golf, thrown a baby shower (me, not gar!) hiked and packed and un-packed the car a bunch of times. So fun (minus the packing the car part)!

Parker was officially 4 months yesterday and is doing well. She is getting ready to sit up by herself (maybe a few more weeks?) and is making us laugh daily.

Some recent pics….Parker hanging with dad, Liz at her baby shower, Soph holding the best shower cupcakes in the world!



We just spent a great week in Jenner, CA with my mom and step dad…we celebrated thanksgiving with friends and family, hiked/rode around their land and soaked up some sunshine. My mom loves being a grandma and Gar and I love the extra help (read: sleep). And the best part of it all is that we have 2 more weeks in California. Tomorrow we head down to the Bay and get in some city and friend time and hopefully a date night! Here are some pics from the week: Parker at 4 months old, Mom enjoying the sunset from the front deck, Parker as a California Diva (thanks Jess A!), Gar hitting some golf balls off into the ocean!


Birth Class Reunion

Garett and I took an intensive 8 week birthing class (which is ironic since I pretty much had a scheduled c-section) pre Parker. While we were not able to use many of the techniques we learned, we appreciated learning from a veteran in the business, Penny Simkins. Anyway, last weekend everyone from the class got together so we could meet each other’s babies and share our stories. This is my favorite picture from the day (Parker is the one in the blue dress with her diaper showing!).
Oh, and this one where I caught Gar with his girls tights in his back pocket (it was 100 degrees in the hostesses house!). Such a great papa!


Practicing with Dad

This is Garett back for my bi-yearly post. Recently I’ve been excited with the physical skills Parker is developing. I hate to say it but from the day we found out we were having a girl I feared she might like pink ponies and shopping more than she liked mud puddles or hiking around in the woods. There’s nothing to warrant these fears as some of the coolest women I know are amazing athletes; my mom can throw and catch a baseball better than almost any guy I know! Back to the physical skills… as many of you have seen from a post several weeks ago Parker learned how to roll from her tummy to her back. I don’t know if she’s ahead of the curve but she has the back to front roll dialed too. I had to get my helmet cam out and do a little video shoot. From what I can see she’s going to be riding alongside her dad in the woods and using the helmet cam for its intended purpose before I know it.

Parker’s Proud Papa!



Really, the only thing to note from the past week is the election of the 44th president! I am so happy that Parker was born in a time of hope and change. Other than that, Parker is 3.5 months old and growing like crazy. Not only does she smile now but she has started to laugh and there is nothing better. Here is a picture we took today of her under her little play gym. I think she has a crush on the elephant that hangs from the top…he makes her so happy! Who knew?!



We just got back from a great week in Southern California. Garett worked all week while Parker and I visited friends and soaked in some sunshine. We spent 2 nights in Del Mar and then 2 nights in LA. While in LA, I got to catch up with 2 high school friends, Bianca and Kim. It almost seems impossible that the 3 of us are moms but I guess that is what can happen after 20 years of friendship. Eeks. We also had a quick lunch with some family in Oceanside which was wonderful!

Parker is 3 months old (I am officially done with referring to her age in weeks). She is doing well and making us giggle every day. She is the worlds best traveler and did a great job on her first plane trip. Here are a few pics from the past week and a link to some So Cal pics are on the right.

Until next time….



Parker is 11 weeks this week! She is getting more of a personality everyday…here are a few pics from this past weekend. It was a perfect fall day…



Today was a big day for Miss P. She has been smiling at us for weeks but today she laughed out loud. Her friend Ivory was staring at her and when she locked eyes with her she laughed out loud. It was pretty funny. Later in the afternoon, I put her down in her crib for some tummy time and went to the other room and when I came back she was on her back! I couldn’t believe it and neither could Gar. When he got home, he caught this!


What a week?!

First and most notable is that I officially quit my job on Thursday (smart in this crazy economy?). It was such a hard decision but I had to do what felt right in my belly. Alas, I am a stay at home mom. For now at least. And on the very same day, Parker got her first round of vaccinations. I did WAY too much reading and got myself into a tizzy about all that is unknown. Incidentally, they were out of most of the vaccines so P just got one. Garett and I were there to watch our little ladybug get poked and SCREAM as loud as her little lungs allowed. Luckily, they gave her a really cute pink camo band aid and she slept off the pain…After the day on Thursday, Garett let me sleep in on Friday morning while he worked from home. I came downstairs well rested and saw this. Little P loves her papa (as do I!!!)Lastly, we topped off the week with leaving Parker for the first time and went on a date! Our dear friend Kerry watched Parker and allowed us to go sit at the bar of one of our favorite restaurants. It felt like and incredible treat..thanks to Ker for being such a good auntie! You can see Parker already loves her so.


International Lady

We just got back from a good weekend in Whistler, Canada. We went up with Jesse, Kelly & Ryder so the guys could ride the mountain bike park one more time this season and to relax. Kelly and I hung out with the kidlets and managed to squeeze in massages and a good walk. The weather was crisp and damp but that didn’t hinder the fun. As you can see Ryder is already being protective of his girlfriend (or using her as a teething toy!).
Gar took The little ladybug for a stroll in The Village where she got to show off her new Patagonia mittens (in a few sizes too big) Gar and his girl hanging on the sofa in the early am. No more sleeping in on vacations!


Winter is coming.

I know it is still summer in most places but the NW is ready for winter. I am trying to picture the Ladybug when it is 35 degrees outside so today I broke down and bought her a Patagonia down jacket. And it is the same one I have. Dorky, I know but at least we will be warm way up here in the North.

7 weeks and doing well. We have some baby acne and have started drooling but sleeping like a champ so we are even.

Bundle up!



And this makes all the sleepless nights, the astronomical amounts of diaper changes, and back pain worth it….



This weekend Garett and I went to Eastern Washington to visit his family and to introduce Parker to the clan. She had to meet her 5 uncles, her aunts and her cousins before she gets too big! Since I cannot contribute cousins from my side, I am very happy that she already has a few! We had a good day hanging out at Craig and Molly’s and it is always fun to see Gar with all his brothers. This picture is of all 6 of them….also, a link to more pics from the day is to the right.

Parker is 6 weeks on Wednesday and we are hanging in there. She is a girl who knows what she wants and is getting more of a personality everyday!

Garett is away all week so my mom is coming into town. I am looking forward to the help and hoping to catch up on some much needed sleep!

--Sleepy in Seattle


Fat & Happy

Today we found out that Parker has hit the 10lb mark AND she gave us her first smile (with a picture to prove it!). I think that means she is officially fat and happy! Amen.


5 Weeks!

Parker is 5 weeks today! I cant believe that is has been 5 weeks…I think time passes more quickly in my sleepy haze. We are doing well, spending our days trying to go on adventures and hanging at home trying to get stuff done and sleep a little. Here is a pic of my sleepy husband, my sleeping baby and a huge pile of laundry. Pretty typical these days. My expectations of a productive day have completely changed and I am thrilled when I end the day with a (sort of) clean house and no major melt downs.
Parker has gotten showered with gifts from friends and family far and wide. We are so thankful and the thank you notes are coming but slowly! Here is a pic of Parker in a very personal gift from our pal Gadiel. It is a onesie with a picture of Garett, Rich B and Gadiel in their golf get ups and says: My role models, boy am I in trouble. As you can see she is not scared of her role models. She is a strong lady already!

Until next time…



I am so grateful for such wonderful girlfriends! This past weekend all 4 of my college pals came to visit us. I am thrilled that they got to meet Parker when she was so young and amazed at how well they know me ( I guess that is what 15 years of friendship gets ya!) They cooked me yummy meals, took me out to a real dinner (without the baby!), did my laundry, changed diapers and loved up the little lady. It was a wonderful weekend and I hope they know how incredibly thankful and grateful I am….Beaming. Also, thanks to Kerry for letting them use her house and car!

On Wednesday, our little ladybug will be one month old! Below is our first family portrait..(I am not sure why it has taken us this long?!) as well as a link to the right with pictures from the past week.



Have you ever been so tired that you feel like you are underwater? That’s what it is like. Approaching week 3, we are loving up our little one but relating to the rest of the world underwater (if I have forgotten to call you back or told you a story more then once, I apologize!).

This week was full of firsts. We had a picnic, went out to dinner with my dad, went to a concert in the park and gave Sweet P her first bath. That's not to say that there were no tears or hard days (today, I didn’t take a shower OR brush my teeth) so one day at a time.

On Thursday, all 4 of my college girls are coming to visit. I am really looking forward to Parker meeting her aunties and catching up with the ladies!!

Here are a few pics and one to prove that she is not always sleeping like an angel…

On our way to the Amos Lee concert in the parkLounging in my new cute pants from my aunites....


The Bird!

Today our little ladybug is 2 weeks old. We made it through week 2. Hoorah!!

Last night when we were putting her in her car seat, she had a full on melt down. She has this lower lip quivering; no breathing, red faced cry that instantly makes me cry too. She was wailing but it didn’t take long for her to conk out (love the car!) Once I recovered from my crying, I looked down at her sweet little self and saw this (see pic below)!! No joke, this picture has not been altered. Hopefully, it is not a sign of things to come.

Garett and I thought it was pretty funny but then again anything is funny (or hysterically sad) on 3 hours of sleep. One day at a time here at the Heitman’s. We will post more sweet pictures of her soon!


Summer Heat

I am the queen of the summer. I love the way summer smells and being hot and getting sun kissed. But this is really bad timing. We have a 9 day old baby and it is supposed to be 98 today and tomorrow. I would have never guessed that I would be chasing indoor air conditioning in August in Seattle but that is our mission today. The irony. Anyway, we are doing well and adjusting to sweet Parker and her world. Here are a few more pics from the past few days…


Week One

We made it though week one! Tomorrow, Parker is one week young. It has been a crazy but amazing week. We are all sleepy and getting to know each other but loving this special time…All is well. Here are a few pics from the past few days.


Parker Olivia Heitman!

At long last! Sweet Parker Olivia became a citizen of the world on 8/6/08...She weighed a healthy 8lb 9 oz and is stunning. We had no idea how in love we could be! We just got home today and are adjusting to life with a little one. More later when we have slept more than 3 hours. A few pics from the past 3 days. Happily in love, Sarah & Garett