5 Weeks!

Parker is 5 weeks today! I cant believe that is has been 5 weeks…I think time passes more quickly in my sleepy haze. We are doing well, spending our days trying to go on adventures and hanging at home trying to get stuff done and sleep a little. Here is a pic of my sleepy husband, my sleeping baby and a huge pile of laundry. Pretty typical these days. My expectations of a productive day have completely changed and I am thrilled when I end the day with a (sort of) clean house and no major melt downs.
Parker has gotten showered with gifts from friends and family far and wide. We are so thankful and the thank you notes are coming but slowly! Here is a pic of Parker in a very personal gift from our pal Gadiel. It is a onesie with a picture of Garett, Rich B and Gadiel in their golf get ups and says: My role models, boy am I in trouble. As you can see she is not scared of her role models. She is a strong lady already!

Until next time…

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