I heart faces

I am entering this photo into a photo contest about photos with no faces. There are only 500 entries! HA. I love this photo b/c it reminds me of summer and I am ready for some sun! If you are a photographer this is a pretty cool site to check out.


Right before our very eyes.

Parker is growing up. I swear it is happening so quickly—don’t blink. It isn’t anything specific but more in the details—she goes on the big girl swing and rides the carousel alone. She loves doing things herself- “I DO IT!”. She likes to play with other kids without her mom around (not without incident might I add). She loves “hula” dresses and painting her nails. She sleeps with a comforter and can go to the bathroom without help and even washes her hands (sometimes). Here are some shots of her the other day in her skirt that she hasn’t taken off since we bought it. Literally she napped in it the other day!


Hawaii on my mind

Ahhhh, Hawaii. I love the way you make my soul unwind and fill up my Vit D cup. This year we went to Oahu and rented a place with my Mom & Don on the windward side of the island. We stayed near a beach called Lanikai which I am pretty sure is the best kept Hawaiian secret (I guess it isn’t really secret since the Obamas vacation there. Hummm.). It is this amazing, gentle piece of paradise that was 2 blocks from our house. Parker was in heaven. And so was I! Garett and I snuck off for 2 days alone to go hang out in Honolulu and ate great food and drank our weight in Mai Tai’s. Garett deserved all the calories since he rode 95 miles around the island of Oahu that day. Me. Not so much but damn they were good! And if that wasn’t enough, my dad was there so Parker got time with Opa and our cousins whom we wished lived closer and who make the most beautiful children. I am thankful for our yearly trip to the tropics and am already looking forward to next year!

Baby Tai. Isnt he beautiful?!Parker wearing a hula skirt that we boght for her on our mini trip.Fun with dad!Ilene and Parker at the Honolulu zoo:Gar & I on a hike above our house looking down on LanikaiParker at the zooParker & HippoLoving Lanikai!