The Good & The Bad

Parker and I have been sick all week. Lame. Having a 102 fever and getting up at 2 am to feed Parker (who cant eat b/c her nose is too stuffed up) who pooped in the middle of the night (rare) who then puts her hands in the poop on the changing table tops my list of Things That Suck. It was so bad that I had to call Garett in for back-up. Anyway, we are on the mend-I hope. The good news is that we leave for Hawaii on Wednesday and I am pretty sure Hawaii can cure what ails us! It is our annual pilgrimage to get our vitamin D stores back up to a respectable level. I am sure we will have lots of pictures to share when we get back! Until then, ALOHA!


Is it spring already?

Everybody loves a sunny day in Feb!! Happy Girl...


Me & Miss P

I was just organizing some pictures and came across these 2 . Everyone thinks Parker looks like Garett but check this out (we have the same nose scrunch!)....me in 1975 and Parker in 2008....


Food Snob

So my calculations were off. Last weekend I went to SF alone and left Gar with milk (I thought it would be enough!) and some formula (just in case). To make a long story short, it turns out I was WAY off and we have a food snob on our hands. Parker refuses formula and anything to do with it. Luckily, Garett was calm and rationed what milk he had and fed ex delivers overnight! Besides that, I had a great trip to the Bay Area and loved hanging with my girls and meeting Miss Maya Rose.

Parker is 6 months and started eating solid foods this week. So far, she thinks sweet potatoes are pretty yummy but not sure about tart apples. Whatever, as long as it isn’t formula!

A few pics: Ok, so she loves the computer. Hanging in her new cool high chair. In the covers with "dolly" (xo Jess N)



I have not been away from Parker for more than 3 hours for 6 months (she is 6 months tomorrow!)… until today! I am heading down to the Bay Area to visit friends, meet Maya Rose and get some rest (?). She is in Garett’s very capable hands and will have a great time with him! May she be a rock star for him and may I sleep for 8 hours in a row! Here is a picture my mom took last week from our baby/mama dance class!