Fall is coming!

Fall is coming-albeit slowly. Not that we are complaining about 80 degree weather in September! We have had a good couple of weeks being outside, going on a couple of date nights, mtn bike races, baby showers etc. Last weekend, I helped out with a baby shower for my friend Megan Evert who is having a baby girl in Oct. There were 20 ladies there loving up her up. Here are a few pics from the day.
We also started our co-op preschool last week. It is one day a week and is darling! Kelly and Ryder are in the same class with us which is so fun. When we were leaving class yesterday, I caught them on my camera phone holding hands-it was sooooo cute! Next stop, California again!


Park Pics...

Today is raining which is surprisingly ok with me. We have had such an amazing summer (good work, Seattle) that a day of grey is just fine by me. But yesterday was beautiful and we had a little family time at a local park. Here are a few pics from the outing (yes, that is a bruise on her head--the occupational hazards of being a new walker!):


Seattle Girl

Parker Pie at REI this past weekend. She is a true Seattle gal...


Restaurant Round Up

I think it is time to talk about restaurants. If I didn’t have a blog about Parker, I would have one about fabulous eateries so indulge me for a second. Ok, so in the past few weeks we have eaten at some places worth noting:

· Franks Oyster House and Champagne Parlor (Seattle.Near U Village). Um, Yum. This cute neighborhood spot is officially on my top 5 in Seattle. It feels undiscovered and casual enough for a week night with amazing food. Liz and I went there a few weeks ago and I am still thinking about the Beecher’s cheese biscuits with ham and apple butter. Check it out.
· Flying Squirrel Pizza (Seattle.Genesee)- We had a fun summer meal with our pals Megan and Brian at this far away (well at least from Green Lake) pizza joint. It is hip, funky with some of the best pizza in Seattle. If you are ever south of Seattle, get there.
· Speaking of pizza. When in San Francisco go to Flour + Water (SF). A great, upscale pizza place in the Mission. Word is out about this place so go early.

Sounds like I need to hit the gym :)

Oh and one pic of Parker Pie from the week. Reading her book in the big brown chair. Check out the hair. Not even clips can tame her mane....



Its official. We have had a crazy summer. We just wrapped up a trip to the Bay Area and are pooped. We had a great week down there visiting friends and family and even went to Outside Lands and caught Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews among others. On Thursday night, Garett and I left Parker with YaYa and had dinner with my oldest friends—Amy, Kim and Barb. We have been friends for over 20 years (eeks!) and it is so great to still have them in my life. Here are a couple of pics to prove it.
We also went to meet Brooke Ashlyn Larsen who was 2 weeks old. I didn’t bring my camera but I can assure you she is gorgeous with dark black hair and amazing lips.

Team Heitman is looking forward to a few weeks of down time and the change of seasons. Sigh...

Oh, and one pic of Parker in the tub with YaYa...having a BALL!