Senior Year!

This week I had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot for a sweet gal named Catlin. She is a senior in high school and we did a shoot for her senior portraits. Um, ok first of all, when I was a senior in high school we just threw on the caps and gowns and filed through the photo line. I kind of love that you can express yourself now. Anyway, we spent a sunny (hallelujah!) afternoon at Golden Gardens and had a ball. Catlin was game for anything and a total natural in front of the camera. The only negative was that I caught myself a few times sounding OLD: back when I was a....ACCCKKKK. Here are a few of my favorite shots but you can check out the whole lot here: http://sarahheitmanphotography.wordpress.com :


Another blog?!

A minor miracle happened this weekend. I was scheduled to do a photo shoot for a friend and the weather was supposed to be dreadful. But miracle of miracles happened and the sun came OUT and warmed our bodies. I was so thankful....I am so new at this that I still need all the stars to be aligned to feel good about the shoot. Anyway, here are a few of my favorite shots. Also, you can check out the whole slide show here: http://sarahheitmanphotography.wordpress.com/ —as if I need another blog. Sheesh.


And the first keep on coming!

This past week parker got her first hair cut, had her first trip to the dentist and had her first day of school (our little co op preschool). I don’t have a ton of pictures but the pace is quick around here! PS she rocked the dentist allowing him to scrub all her teeth, rocked the hair cut as she played with toys and sang to herself and rocked the first day of school beaming that she is a “big girl” with a backpack. I know the backpack us ugly—it was free. Proud mama.



This past weekend we were a very active family...Garett competed in a 100 mile (1-0-0 MILE) mountain bike race which took him 9 hours. And he won. Seriously. I am so happy for him and know that it must feel like a huge accomplishment.
While I didn’t do anything quite like that I did run a 10 K on Sunday. Kelly and I ran that same race 4 years ago before kids and we were only 3 minutes slower than in 2006. The best part of the race was at the end when Parker ran down the chute hand in hand with Kelly and me. I guess we earned our dessert.


Parker Driving

So, last weekend we took Parker to Bumbershoot. In all my years in Seattle I had never been so we packed up the team and took the bus to Seattle Center. I am pretty sure the bus ride would have satisfied Parker especially since she was putting the song together with the actual bus. Like, the doors on the bus actually OPEN and SHUT! When we got to the festival (with everyone one else who lives in Seattle) Parker made a beeline for the “rides”. It looks like we are at some gross carnie event but she spotted these cars and went straight for them. It wasn’t like there were a bunch of kids on the ride having fun. The ride was empty. She did not pause, did not ask question or ask for help. She went directly to the driver’s seat. And then rode the ride 4 (!) more times and threw a fit when we ran out of tokens. Do you think she will be sad when we tell her that she has to wait 14 more years until she can actually drive!? The girl is bold.


Olivia the Giraffe

Parker has been into giraffes lately so yesterdays we took her to the Zoo to feed them. I am pretty sure her little mind got blown when Olivia the giraffe came cheek to cheek with her and grabbed the leaves out of her hand. It was amazing to see such exotic creatures that close! In sad news, it looks like summer has bid Seattle adieu and fall has blown in. I am not ready for it but will bust out the sweaters and change my coffee from iced to hot. Cozy is good. Right? And last but not least my dad and I are off to see Bob Dylan tonight. I don’t even know if I like Bob Dylan but I am sure it will be an experience and will report back....