Parker Driving

So, last weekend we took Parker to Bumbershoot. In all my years in Seattle I had never been so we packed up the team and took the bus to Seattle Center. I am pretty sure the bus ride would have satisfied Parker especially since she was putting the song together with the actual bus. Like, the doors on the bus actually OPEN and SHUT! When we got to the festival (with everyone one else who lives in Seattle) Parker made a beeline for the “rides”. It looks like we are at some gross carnie event but she spotted these cars and went straight for them. It wasn’t like there were a bunch of kids on the ride having fun. The ride was empty. She did not pause, did not ask question or ask for help. She went directly to the driver’s seat. And then rode the ride 4 (!) more times and threw a fit when we ran out of tokens. Do you think she will be sad when we tell her that she has to wait 14 more years until she can actually drive!? The girl is bold.

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