Winter is coming.

I know it is still summer in most places but the NW is ready for winter. I am trying to picture the Ladybug when it is 35 degrees outside so today I broke down and bought her a Patagonia down jacket. And it is the same one I have. Dorky, I know but at least we will be warm way up here in the North.

7 weeks and doing well. We have some baby acne and have started drooling but sleeping like a champ so we are even.

Bundle up!



And this makes all the sleepless nights, the astronomical amounts of diaper changes, and back pain worth it….



This weekend Garett and I went to Eastern Washington to visit his family and to introduce Parker to the clan. She had to meet her 5 uncles, her aunts and her cousins before she gets too big! Since I cannot contribute cousins from my side, I am very happy that she already has a few! We had a good day hanging out at Craig and Molly’s and it is always fun to see Gar with all his brothers. This picture is of all 6 of them….also, a link to more pics from the day is to the right.

Parker is 6 weeks on Wednesday and we are hanging in there. She is a girl who knows what she wants and is getting more of a personality everyday!

Garett is away all week so my mom is coming into town. I am looking forward to the help and hoping to catch up on some much needed sleep!

--Sleepy in Seattle


Fat & Happy

Today we found out that Parker has hit the 10lb mark AND she gave us her first smile (with a picture to prove it!). I think that means she is officially fat and happy! Amen.


5 Weeks!

Parker is 5 weeks today! I cant believe that is has been 5 weeks…I think time passes more quickly in my sleepy haze. We are doing well, spending our days trying to go on adventures and hanging at home trying to get stuff done and sleep a little. Here is a pic of my sleepy husband, my sleeping baby and a huge pile of laundry. Pretty typical these days. My expectations of a productive day have completely changed and I am thrilled when I end the day with a (sort of) clean house and no major melt downs.
Parker has gotten showered with gifts from friends and family far and wide. We are so thankful and the thank you notes are coming but slowly! Here is a pic of Parker in a very personal gift from our pal Gadiel. It is a onesie with a picture of Garett, Rich B and Gadiel in their golf get ups and says: My role models, boy am I in trouble. As you can see she is not scared of her role models. She is a strong lady already!

Until next time…



I am so grateful for such wonderful girlfriends! This past weekend all 4 of my college pals came to visit us. I am thrilled that they got to meet Parker when she was so young and amazed at how well they know me ( I guess that is what 15 years of friendship gets ya!) They cooked me yummy meals, took me out to a real dinner (without the baby!), did my laundry, changed diapers and loved up the little lady. It was a wonderful weekend and I hope they know how incredibly thankful and grateful I am….Beaming. Also, thanks to Kerry for letting them use her house and car!

On Wednesday, our little ladybug will be one month old! Below is our first family portrait..(I am not sure why it has taken us this long?!) as well as a link to the right with pictures from the past week.