Merry (barf) Christmas...

The stomach flu sucks. I would rather have a snotty nose any day of the week—it was like a barf-a-rama around here which is no way to spend Christmas Eve. I think Garett & I are scarred from a long night of barfing and watching Parker being sick and sad. In any case, we made the best of it and came out the other side. We spent one night (instead of 2) in Yakima with the Heitman/Carroll gang which was good. Parker had SO much fun with her cousins. Her older girl cousin, Kallie, and her could not stop hugging—it was like they were long lost girlfriends. Awww. Anyway, a few shots from the weekend... J & D, Christmas Parker, Sweet cousin Kallie, Parker and her cousins: Kallie & Peyton ( I know she looks pissed but this is the best one of the lot...)



I ran out of room on the last post so I wasnt able to share these pics of Brooke Larsen. We got to see her a couple of times and just think she is a doll! A few of my faves....


CA Recap....

Whoa. I have not blogged in a long time. We just got back from California and jumped right into holiday madness/fun. Our trip was great and we got to see old pals and hang out with family. We even had a weekend kid free in Napa (thanks Yaya & Gpa Don!). Besides the weather being pretty bad, the trip was a blast! here are some of my favorite shots.

We started out the trip in SF and got to see the college girls and their girls: Maya Rose & The girls in the yellow chair.

Parker and I also got to see Kim & Ella. Also, very cute and prego Ammie! This is not the best quality pic but I love it so much!

Not pictured was a fun girls dinner in Sausalito, the Clif Bar xmas party, and a fabulous dinner at Bouchon!

My dear old pal Barb and her boyfriend Mike made the trek out to jenner to meet Parker and catch up...

In total, Parker spent 10 days in jenner without leaving. There isn’t anywhere to go around there. She had so much fun playing in the garden and trapsing around the ranch.

When Gar and I got back to Jenner The Larsen’s and my dad came out for a visit. It was great to share Jenner with people I love.

We are happy to be home and best of all, Parker forgot what toys she had here—it was like Christmas without the wrapping paper!


Thanksgiving etc

I cant believe Thanksgiving has come and gone and that 2010 is right around the corner. We had a wonderful t-day with the Grissom’s and loved hanging out with them and their family. Besides the food, my favorite part of the night was when Jesse’s step dad broke out the guitar. Parker went from amped (she had her fair share of pumpkin pie!) to a sweet dancer. Here she is dancing and wanting everyone to hold hands!

This is one of my favorite shots of the night. The dads with their babies!
Thanks again Grissom’s!

The weekend was mellow but nice and long! Garett went to the Apple Cup with 4 of his brothers and Brian Evert. Judging by the stories, they had a great time! We also had a good hike to Discovery Park with our neighbor pals where I tried to get a good shot for their xmas card. Here are a few of my favorites. We are off to CA again soon so let the packing begin!


Ready for Summer...in November.

Is it bad that I am ready for summer? I think I say that every winter but this November has not been pretty. The good news is that we just bought tickets to escape to Hawaii in January AND we are headed down to the Bay in a few weeks. So I think we will be ok. We did have a fun week/weekend: we had a date night to Olivar on Capitol Hill (so cute and worthy. http://www.olivarrestaurant.com/Olivar/olivar.html ), had brunch with Grandma Molly and Papa, went to a super fun scavenger hunt 35th b-day party on Sat night and had a great Persian dinner with 10 of our neighbors last night. Whew! Anyway, here are a few pics from the past few days. One of Gar reading with Parker on Sunday morning (my favorite day of the week!). Parker and I hanging out. Parker balancing on Garett's hands-aka circus practice!.



Garett took this picture with his phone the other day. And no that is not static. That is for real.


Artist in training

I really want Parker to love to draw. Not because I want her to be an artist but because I want to be able to go places with a pen and paper to keep her company. Am I dreaming?! So, we have her enrolled in rigorous art classes here at Casa de Heitman. If you had any questions about what I will be doing as a stay at home mom this winter. Here you go. And isn’t Elmo priceless in this picture?! Its like he is saying “Uncle”.



November Sun

Things have been pretty quite (and/or rainy) around here. Just when every Seattleite is about to pack up and move South we are blessed with back-to-back sunny days. Phew. My dad is visiting so we took advantage of the sun and walked the lake with Parker. Here are a few shots from the day.


They are just like us!

This is a shot from my phone but I just love it! Ryder & Parker checking out their ancestors at the zoo yeasterday...


Halloween #1

Technically speaking this is not Parker’s first Halloween. She was 3 months old last year and I think I must have still been in my sleep deprived haze b/c I was not interested in dressing her up. At all. So, let this year kick off many years of Halloween madness! We had a great weekend with Jake and Danielle who came over from Yakima to hang with us ( I mean Parker). We had a fabulous dinner out with family on Friday night (Cantinetta— http://www.cantinettaseattle.com/ .Amazing and worth checking out.) Saturday we dressed Parker up in her kangaroo costume and headed up to Phinney Ridge. Parker had her first lollipop (I don’t think she will ever be the same) and we watched a parade of kids amped on sugar and happy to be marching around in the sunshine. Here are some shots of our Sweet P dressed up as a kanga (thanks Cookies!) and our "first" halloween.


22 hours old.

Yesterday, I got to meet Adelyn Ruby who was 22 hours old. I forgot how small and wrinkly and amazingly sweet newborns are! Here is a shot of her feet which I love. Congratulations to Megan and Brian and welcome to the world Adelyn!


Boise and The FBI...

Parker and I just got back from a weekend of hanging with the Cookies in Boise, ID. Parker and Logan had a ball together and I loved catching up with my old, dear friends. Meanwhile, Garett was in DC for work but got to take a side trip to check out the FBI headquarters and shoot guns at their range. I have never heard him talk about guns but he was pretty fired up about it! It’s a guy thing. Anyway, lamely, I forgot my camera this weekend so Amy sent me home with a few shots off her camera....Old friends, Parker and Logan chasing bubbles, soaking in some last minute vit D, P & L bath bound...


Fall NW style...

Fall is HERE and winter is right around the corner. Our past 2 weeks have been mellow which has been great for all of us. We have had dinner with friends, brunch with neighbor pals, hit Pike Place and gone for a few good walks. Here are some pictures from our trip to the park this afternoon. Love Seattle in the fall and the rain hasn’t gotten me down...yet. Gar is off on another work trip and Parker & I are going to Boise to hang with the Cookies. Cant wait to catch up with them!


Cali Time

Just back from a week in California! Parker and I spent some good time at my mom and don's house in Jenner –The Ranch if you will. I think Parker enjoyed having more room to roam (this townhouse is getting smaller as she gets bigger) and new things to explore. She picked apples off the tree (and subsequently says “apple” all.the.time), hung out with Yaya and played in her new kiddie pool and mom's kayak. It was a nice break for me. On Thursday, Karen and Liz brought their girls to the Ranch which was great. I kept saying: “can you believe we have daughters!” Weird.

Garett worked all week in Berkeley but we met up in Napa last weekend and left P with Yaya OVERNIGHT! She did great and so did I. She was in good hands and I was very happy to see her on Sunday!

Here is a pic of the girls, P playing with Yaya in the kayak and my step dad Don.


Fall is coming!

Fall is coming-albeit slowly. Not that we are complaining about 80 degree weather in September! We have had a good couple of weeks being outside, going on a couple of date nights, mtn bike races, baby showers etc. Last weekend, I helped out with a baby shower for my friend Megan Evert who is having a baby girl in Oct. There were 20 ladies there loving up her up. Here are a few pics from the day.
We also started our co-op preschool last week. It is one day a week and is darling! Kelly and Ryder are in the same class with us which is so fun. When we were leaving class yesterday, I caught them on my camera phone holding hands-it was sooooo cute! Next stop, California again!


Park Pics...

Today is raining which is surprisingly ok with me. We have had such an amazing summer (good work, Seattle) that a day of grey is just fine by me. But yesterday was beautiful and we had a little family time at a local park. Here are a few pics from the outing (yes, that is a bruise on her head--the occupational hazards of being a new walker!):