Pay up, Jesse Grissom!

If you ask my husband what his religion is he might say “bike”. He believes. Bikes make him feel better, he talks to bikes, he fixes bikes, road, mountain--doesnt really matter. He is all bike all the time. Side note: Garett went riding with and OLD Coppercreek Camp pal of mine yesterday. I ran into him last week and told him Garett needed a riding partner while we were in Tahoe. I think like a typical guy he didn’t believe me when I said he was a BIKER. After their ride, I got a text that said” “your husband is an assassin”. HA! Back to the bike. So, last summer when Gar asked me if I wanted a road bike, I thought why not? After all, my husband BELIEVES in bikes, I should at least own one. In late August he bought me Ruby –a fast, blue, road bike. As soon as he bought it, our good friend (and reverend) Jesse said, “why would you do that? I bet you $100 that she doesn’t ride it 10 times (for over an hour) in one year.” Oh, no you didn’t. I love a good challenge. Well, it has been 10 months and I am happy to announce that I went on my 10th ride today. It definitely wasn’t a land slide but I did it none the less. I took a picture after each ride to document (ride 7 didn’t get captured) and although they are terrible pics I have included them below. The timing of this couldn’t be better since the whole Grissom clan is arriving tomorrow and I can’t wait to see them and their $100. :)


The Parents Visit

A few pics from our latest visitors!
Family hike, Larry taking a rest in the shade, Mom & Don happy in Tahoe


Summer Time

Remember that feeling of summer when you were a kid and the way it smelled and tasted. How the days linger and you could catch up on sleep and be lazy-in a good way. And in high school and college how summer was a time to take a break from the books and get outside. I love summer. I always have. It is such a travesty that after college, in the real world, summer ends. It can still be warm and delicious outside but you have to watch it from your office window. I think it is one of the worst things about growing up. The loss of summer. And here I find myself, for 2 glorious months, with a REAL summer. The pace is slower, the naps are longer and it smells just like summer camp. We have time to think and talk (both good and bad) and dream. It is going by quickly but we are trying to slurp it up. Lucky us! Off to the lake....


Pig Tails!

Not the best pictures in the world but I had to share Parker’s first pig tails. Can you stand it? We skipped right over Father’s Day but I want to acknowledge that Parker and I both have amazing fathers. Thanks to Gar & Lar for all that they have done for us over the years! Here are a couple of pics of Parker helping Gar open his dad's day card:


9 am!

After Sophia, our pals from Seattle came to visit our little cabin in the woods. We had a lovely weekend with them: hiking and eating and enjoying the sunshine.

One of the best things about being here right now is that our friends The Normans are here are well. They just landed here after 2 years in Germany and we are so happy to get to see lots of them!

Tomorrow my mom and don come and the fun continues. And best of all, Parker slept till 9 am this morning. No joke. Maybe it is the mountain air but this girl SLEEPS in Tahoe and we love it. Who knows if it will last but its good to know that she feels like she is on sabbatical too!


More Tay-Ho.

I am not sure how exciting my posts are going to be in the coming months. The sun shines, we go to the beach, nap, playground, bbq, ride bikes, sleep. Repeat. But, we did have our first visitors: Sophia and her baby boy Max. We loved having them here—hiking and eating and visiting like old friends do. Some pics: Soph with Parker & Max, Soph by the Lake, Soph & G at Sunnyside, sweet baby Max....


Lazy day in the mountains...

I will admit that Parker and I were in our jammies till 2pm today. Not the usual but that’s what the mountains will do to you! While super sunny the weather was CHILLY so I didn’t feel so bad. Luckily, Gar came home from a run (!) and got us girls outside. We tried to hike Paige Meadows but it was a mushy mess. Late season makes for muddy hikes. So, we made it short but stretched our legs and got some fresh air. Here are some pics from the short hike--Parker "exercising", a view of the lake from our drive to the hike, Parker & Dad (she loves her new sunglasses)!


We made it!

We made it! We are officially in Tahoe in our little cabin in the woods. We have been her for just over 24 hours and have already gotten sun burnt, had ice cream, played by the lake, hit the playground, unpacked, gone out to breakfast, napped, gone for a bike ride and a run. Amazing. I feel like it is officially summer and Tahoe feels like an old comfortable shoe. I love the way this place smells—a mix of pine trees, fresh air and water.
We kicked off the trip with a stop in Boise for Shannon’s 40th birthday party. Amy threw him a great party at their community barn...here are a few pics from boise and our first day in Tahoe!--Shannon and Logan, hanging by the lake, Parker at the party, Parker & momma taking a breather.