All in a Week....

Here are a few pictures from my phone—not the best but this is our real life! The weather has been nice but cold so we bundled up and went to the zoo a few times. Dylan and Parker got to see the leopard (it looks like there isn’t any glass but there is. Phew.). And Parker’s first pony tail—it didn’t last long but so cute! Also, worth noting this week is that I got to meet Layla Hope Grissom. I love this picture of her reaching towards the morning light in the hospital. She is just darling and I cant wait for her and Parker to play together!


Photo Class

I am currently taking an online photography class and loving it! We have weekly assignments and some of the stuff is over my head but I am learning a ton! I thought I would post a few of my assignments for fun. The first was blown out backgrounds—taken in front of a window with dramatic shadows, the second was backlighting (everyone always says “don’t shoot into the sun.” Not true. The coolest look). Carly & Parker are models and then a picture of Parker being sassy that Garett took!


Wont be long now...

I think I say this every February but...spring, already?! All the stores have bathing suits and tank tops and check out this picture—the cherry blossoms are about to explode! I know we have a long way to go but I sure am happy to see the return of color and foliage. Just 97 days till the Greenlake kiddie pool opens!


Back to Winter...

We are back! We had a nice, long and relaxing vacation to Hawaii. Parker was in heaven being with both her parents daily, seeing her grandparents and playing ALL DAY LONG. She now says “ocean” and loved digging in the sand with her bucket. She can hold her breathe under water when Garett dunks her and had her first drippy messy ice cream cone. Why don’t we live there? Anyway, it is nice to be home. There really is no place like it.
The key to vacationing with kids: Bring grandparents. Garett and I actually got to go out on a boat and go snorkeling and go out to dinner a few times (thanks D, I & L). The whales. We saw SO many whales while in Maui and on the boat. It was amazing...
Sooooo, back to winter. Things to look forward to: I am taking a photography class on line, downtime, re-connecting with friends and start training for a half marathon (gulp).
Here are a few of my favorite pictures from Hawaii....My mom and her pal on Lani Kai Beach (AMAZING beach on Oahu), Parker watching the sun set, Parker & Dylan playing at Baby Beach on Maui, My step dad Don and P, Dapper Dylan, Amazing view from my mom & don's place, Parker laughing with dad.