My husband is nesting. Its official. I came home from Chicago and at least 4 home improvement projects had been started. It looked like a fraternity house gone bad; A bench seat in our room, a bookshelf rearrange, a new refrigerator and massive amounts of his laundry (clean but not folded). He is really taking this fatherhood thing seriously but whatever happened to one thing at a time? The good news is that all the projects came out wonderfully. Just wondering when my nesting instinct will kick in?

Check out the pic with the drill, the laundry and the Dyson!


22 weeks

I just got back from a week long work trip to Chicago and unless you want to see boring tradeshow pictures, I don’t have a lot to share.

We are just starting our 22nd week and the baby weighs almost a pound, is the size of a spaghetti squash, and is kicking up a storm (gar felt her kick last night!). She kicks a lot around dinnertime and I assume she is telling me that she is hungry! Hopefully, she wont be too bossy!

We will post some more belly pics soon..Garett thinks it grew a lot while I was away (could have been all the eating out Chicago style?!)…


Garett LOVES his GIRLS

Over the past 3-4 weeks Sarah's belly has been changing rapidly and I decided it was time for me to write something on "our" blog. I have to confess that I have a new favorite body part, Sarah's belly! I can't get enough of it; rubbing it, staring at it, talking to it, I even have a picture of her belly on my blackberry so I can look at it while I work. It amazes me that we have a little bundle of joy growing in there. I'll keep talking to the belly in hopes that our little girl likes my voice!

My favorite belly picture so far!



This past weekend 2 of my best pals came to visit me and the little lady. I haven’t seen them since I broke the news to them in November and I do miss them dearly. Despite being sick as a dog (really, I have not been this sick in YEARS—and it still lingers) we had a great time. They made me dinner when I couldn’t stand the sight of raw chicken, they brought the sweetest gifts for the little lady, they shopped with me and let me be the pregnant sick lady. I look so tired in some of the pictures from the weekend but here we are toasting—Jess/Liz with wine and me with pomegranate juice!


Me, making a baby

This is pretty standard. The little girl is really taking it out of me! I could sleep for 10 hours a night and take a nap everyday. No joke. Apparently, this will end soon so I am trying to embrace it. The best thing about this picture is that I am clutching onto the wrapper of a Clif Bar product while fast asleep. My 2 favorite things, eating and sleeping are so well captured here by my amazing husband on our new camera!

We are in the middle of week 19 and I am fighting a nasty cough while Garett is in CA for work. Wouldn’t you know it? Anyway, I am hoping that I can kick this thing before Liz and Jess get here on Friday night!

Until next time...