We have been whipped up into the whirlwind of the holidays! Parker really understood santa and the magic of the holidays. I remembered what it was like to wake up on Christmas morning and think that santa had come to the house. I know we only have a few years till some pal ruins it for her! We baked cookies with Gma Susan, met the their new family puppy (OMG!), took pictures with Santa, had Christmas dinner with friends, had brunch with family and a minor bout with the stomach flu. All in a good week. I also went snowboarding for the first time in 3 (!) years and remembered how much I love to be in the mountains. Kerry, Kelly and I only did a few runs but it was a fun one night, all girls, get back into the swing of things kind of trip. And last but certainly not least Parker is officially potty trained which is a great way to start 2011! PS excuse the quality of these pics they were mostly taken from my phone and it looks like the lens has a 2 years old hand prints on it!

Our little tree on xmas morning & opening gifts, Dylan & Parker discussing an episode of Curious George on xmas eve, shots of tequila on xmas eve(and I love how the baby is in on the action), xmas dinner, K, K and I getting ready to hit the slopes,Kerry and Kelly on the mountain, Ellie the puppy, making cookies at gmas!


We are STILL in California!

2 weeks is a long time to be away from home! Alas, we are coming home soon...here are a few random shots from the past couple of days:G and P in the hot tub, the view, the sunset from my mom's house last night (for real! that pyramid is the neighbors house) and a happy girl


California Knows How to Party

We are hanging in CA for a couple of weeks. G is working in Berkeley and I have bouncing all over the state. I just spent the weekend in LA with 2 of my oldest girlfriends and had a blast. We are back in Jenner with my mom and Don trying to soak up what little vitamin D is here.
Parker taking time to smell the flowers in Jenner: