Amy & Winter!

Whoa, its been awhile. Nothing to report in either direction just busy living life. I haven’t busted out the camera that much in the past few weeks except for yesterday. And yesterday I had my first paying photography client! I was so excited to document my pal Amy and her adorable daughter Winter. It was a fabulous Seattle day and I hope that this is the beginning of a new chapter! Amy, thank you for the support and encouragement! Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot!


A party for me!

I have been a lady of leisure all week. My mom and Don have been in town and took Parker to their house for days and nights. I was home ALONE (Gar was in Whistler) for the first time in years and loved it. I turned the music up really loud and banged around the kitchen all I wanted! While they were here, I went to 2 birthday parties and had a great HOT weekend. I really wish they lived close by...boo. Anyway, a few pics from the past week: Love this pic of Kel!, Ker & Kel toasting to a great year, Peter's 40th birthday party--Kick Ball-mania!


One More...

Last post about Parker turning 2. I promise! Anyway, we were supposed to have a casual party at the park but we got rained out. In August. I wont even start. Anyway, we were flexible and had everyone over to our house. It was packed and mayhem ensued but I think Parker had a ball. She loves to be the center of attention! The best part of the party was when Parker and her pal Samantha took their clothes off and ran around naked. Its not a party till someone gets naked! A few shots from the party: Parker telling me she is 2, about to blow out her "2" candle, Hugging her friend Kenzie goodbye-naked!!! (pic be Megan E!):


Friday. What a day?!

First of all, Parker turned 2 on Friday! I was sentimental all day that our little ladybug was 2 and that 2 years ago our lives changed forever. Anyway, Carly and I took Dylan and Parker out for a birthday adventure on Friday (they share a birthday) so we ignored the cloudy skies and went outside to the Sculpture Park. The kids RAN around, watched the train, looked at boats and then melted down just like 2 year olds should! We finished off the morning with a cupcake and a rousing rendition of happy birthday. THEN, Gar and I took Parker to Greg and Susan’s house where they spoiled her rotten. They ate ice cream, played in her new tent and watered the garden. Gar and I left her there for the night and headed to a winery to see Natalie Merchant in concert. OMG, I love her. I forgot how much I love her. Its been years since I have seen her live but my love was rekindled. We sat outside, drank wine and danced (me. Not gar. I couldn’t help it. Might have been the wine?). Anyway, not a bad day—a little bit for everyone! A few pics from 8/6/10..Happy girl, checking out her new birthday kicks, D & P discussing why they love Seattle, the needle, inside at the sculpture park, D checking out the RAD wallpaper....


Dylan's Party!

Tomorrow, our little ladybug turns 2. I cant believe it! Anyway, more on that later. Parker shares her birthday with her good pal Dylan whom we celebrated last weekend. Here are a few of my favorite pics from the park party!

Not sure about this new design....hum. Sometimes change is hard: Parker enjoying yellow frosting, gma Gigi hugging Dylan, cute Charlie post cupcake, birthday boy, Parker in her swim diaper, D$ at the ever popular water fountain!


Weekend with Davis Crew

It was time for a refresh. I have been playing with the blog a bit to try to figure out how to make the pictures bigger and found myself all up in HTML. Eeeks. So, this is the way it looks for now. I needed a change anyway. So, I am a bit behind on postings. Our last weekend in Tahoe was spent with my college girlfriends and their families. I think there were 13 people in the house that we rented. It was chaotic fun!! The dads took care of the kids on Saturday afternoon so us girls could go have some fun. And we did. Here are my favorites from the weekend: Liz and me on top of Squaw, the pool at High Camp,the girls, cute Brooke: