Parker on the M-O-V-E

Parker is moving these days. Since this is our baby book of sorts, I feel badly that we skipped right over crawling! It happened gradually but she was linking knee, hand, knee about a month ago (7.5 months). Her pace is increasing and she is getting more and more daring! Tonight she crawled up our stairs (2x!) by herself. She is not much for sitting and listening to books but the girl likes to GO. I don’t have any pictures from the past week but I send Garett a daily picture from my iphone so here are a few: (grocery shopping in her red cowboy boot socks, growing a few more hairs, spring time at greenlake, hanging with her pal Ryder...)


Parker and I had a fabulous visit with the ladies! Maya did great on her first trip and Jessica was a trooper with all the baby stuff. Between naps and diaper changes, we were able to shop, cook great meals and go out to eat. The girls even helped Parker experience some more foods which was awesome. Turns out she is a dairy girl. I love our annual tradition! Garett had a good time in California riding his bike and we are glad to have him home! Here are a few pictures from the weekend: Jess & Liz, Maya & Parker, Liz & Maya....

We have had a few nice spring days in the past week (not as hot as CA but still...). I broke out some of Parker’s summer attire and here she is at our Mommies group yesterday. I think she is going to love the sun as much as I do!!


This week

This week has been crazy with all 3 of us getting sick, Garett being out of town and a fender bender to boot. In any case, Parker and I are hanging in there and are excited to go pick up Liz, Jess and little Miss Maya (her first plane trip!) at the airport. Its the annual winter/spring trip! Garett is kicked out of the house but making the best of it riding his bike in California. Here are few recent pictures! The top 2 are from Easter and the other 2 are of Miss P this morning hanging in her diaper!


Dance Dance Dance

Parker loves hip hop—Justin Timberlake to be specific. Here she is dancing to JT's song "Future Sex Love Sounds". For real. You say “dance, dance, dance” and shakes her booty. Drop it like its hot, girl.


Girls Rule.

I just got back from a great girls weekend in Portland, OR. Garett held down the fort (this time, with a sufficient milk supply!) and had a great weekend with Parker. Kerry, Kelly and I shopped, ate amazing food, went wine tasting and then shopped some more. It was effortless and rejuvenating. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the weekend.