More CA

So after Jenner we went down to SF for the weekend. It was a beautiful weekend in The City and I just loved being “home” and connecting with my girls and hanging out. Liz and I successfully ran 9 miles on Saturday under sunny skies. That night, I got to meet Max for the first time—Soph and Marwan are kicking ass as parents and have the sweetest little man on their hands. Here are some pictures of Max and the girls. Thanks to Don & Ilene for all their support all week!!


Jenner, CA

We have been in California for 3 days with crappy weather but alas the sun shines and everything sparkles again! It has been so nice to have help and to get some QT with Mom and Don. Here are a few pics from the past few days....tomorrow we go to SF and look forward to some time with my girls and running 9 miles with Lizzie. Gulp.

The storm rolling out...



Whoa, what a week +...all I can say is hand foot and mouth disease sucks. Its just a childhood virus that sucks ass and turned parker into THAT kid. Huge sores on your tongue and down the back of your throat will do it to ya...Anyway, we have moved through it and are happy to be on the other side and have our girl back.

In other news, I ran 8 miles today and am pretty sure my body might be pissed at me. I think it might be a full on revolt when I do 13.1.

We are on our way to CA for the week and looking forward to some time with Yaya and Gpa Don.

Here are a few pics from a fun spring play date this week with friends from an old mommy group




I admit, I taught her California & Hawaii before Washington. I must be sun deprived! Next week, all the state capitols ;)


Oh Yeah!

Ok, most people reading this blog (all 7 of you) know that I like myself some hip hop. And I am doing my best to pass it on to Parker (to be fair, I think she was born with it. She WAS dancing to Justin Timberlake when she was 8 months old http://babyheitman.blogspot.com/2009/04/dance-dance-dance.html ). Here she is during our daily dance party... rocking out. Please note that at one point she mentions that we are listening to “hip hop” and she also points out that Jaicko (I know, who?!) is wearing sunglasses in the image on my phone. Seriously.

Parker Pie...20 months old.

A few pics from this week—these were for my photo class and were about blown backgrounds with no shadows and then one of Parker & Dad hanging out and trying to kick Gar's cold.