Misc Musings

Sadly, I don’t have any new pictures to share—between being busy and the sun not shining I don’t have any new material. But, there is a lot going on here. Parker is exploding with words and actions. I can barely keep up with her these days. The cutest things she is doing right now is saying “Iloveyoumommy” from across the room. Melts my heart. She also peed in her potty for the first time on her own. She just marched into the bathroom and did it on her own. She has since to repeat it. Also, I am happy to announce that mission:butter is working. She has gained 1 pound (!) in 17 days. Yowza!
Other than that, we are getting ready for our summer in Tahoe (lots to prepare!) and running all over Seattle. Oh, the running. It’s such a love/hate thing for me. I hate it for the first 30 minutes. I love it from 30-1hr. I REALLY love it when I am done and then my body hates me one hour/one day after I am finished. I am not sure how 13 .1 will go down but for now we are still going for it. Lastly, I just landed my first marketing consulting job which is exciting. I have to remember how to use my brain. Wish me luck!


Weekend fun

We had a mellow but good weekend. Parker and I went to a friend’s garage sale to hang out with the Chef’n ladies+ kids, We took a family walk in Discovery Park and took a trip downtown. We also had a 4:50 am wake up time and a cold set in but all in all it was a good weekend. I took advantage of the sun shining to cross off some of my photo class assignments (note to self: don’t take a class about light from someone in Florida-- in the winter-- when you live WAY up North). This picture is my friend Suz and was my submission for backlighting with a reflector: Parker at Discovery Park—with approaching storm
Happy hilkers (and check out the hair!)



We have a monkey on our hands...Parker is OBESESSED with her gymnastics class and particularly the bars. I swear she would play on them till she dislocated her shoulders if I would let her. This week she busted out a basket swing (is that what it is called? I cant believe I don’t remember) on her own. This video is her 47th time where she is getting so tired I had to catch her. I blame this entirely on Garett’s genes. I would have done it once and been satisfied :). PS thanks to my mom for capturing this moment and for a wonderful visit. Sorry for sideways quality of video!


Staycations & Spring

Not a ton to report these days...Spring is right around the corner but could take 2 months to get here! Ahh, the Northwest. My mom and step dad have been in town which has been amazing! Gar and I were even able to escape for a staycation in downtown Seattle for one night!

Here are some pictures from our adventure to Bainbridge Island today. We were on a mission for the French toast at NOLA (http://cafenola.com/index.htm ) and it was worth it! Plus, check out the view from our boat ride!.Parker is doing great –she is talking a mile a minute and busting out words we haven’t even taught her. She remains in a LOW percentile for weight but figure maybe she would be average in Europe????


March Sun

It was a beautiful March day so I rallied the fam to slurp up the last bits of day light at Gasworks Park....