Thanksgiving has come and gone and I have been reminded how thankful I am for health, love, family, friends and adventure. It has been a great year and I am so excited to see what’s next!

Last weekend I did a photo shoot for a sweet family who I randomly knew because Seattle is the smallest city in the world. Here are a couple of my favorite shots of Miranda:
Also, we had a great dinner at Aunties on Tday. Here she is in all her hostess glory (Cheryl, this is your big blog debut!) And a picture of P and me this past week


Snow Daze...

Winter is here! Seattle had its first snow storm in 20 months and it was before thanksgiving....I have a feeling it is going to be a LONG winter. The good news is that Mom and Don are in town to help prevent cabin fever and hang with Parker! Here are a few pictures that my mom took of P's first real snow day....Not sure why she needed the sunglasses upside down but I think it might be the winter way to wear them!


Photo shoot + Jassapaloza!

Where did they week go? So, last week I did a photo shoot with Amy & Kelly + family. They wanted to get some shots of their mom with the grand kids so here are a few shots of their beautiful family!

Then, last weekend I went on a girls weekend to Oregon to celebrate my pal Jessica: Jessapaloza. We had the best weekend with one night in Portland and 2 nights in Cannon Beach. We danced and ate and slept and drank lots of wine and spoiled Jessica rotten. Here are some cute shots of the weekend :



This is just a mishmash of thoughts...here goes:

First of all, Halloween was a blast. Parker got the hang of (and loved!) trick or treating. I didn’t take any pictures but here is one of her as a 80’s rocker chick (turned aerobics instructor) that I got on my phone. I forgot how fun Halloween can be as a kid!
Also, we have been loving our co op preschool. We go 2x week and Parker has the biggest crush on the teacher—Teacher Christi. She is fabulous and I am glad Parker knows a good one when she sees one! She is kind of a teacher’s pet. We will see what gives in the coming years! The other day, I caught her pretending she was Teacher Christi with all her “friends”.
And in photography news, I did a shoot for our neighbor last weekend. The weather was dreadful but we managed to get a few good shots. Lastly, while the weather is turning fall/winter, Seattle throws in just enough nice days to make it manageable. Here is one from a little family outing...