Whoa, what a week +...all I can say is hand foot and mouth disease sucks. Its just a childhood virus that sucks ass and turned parker into THAT kid. Huge sores on your tongue and down the back of your throat will do it to ya...Anyway, we have moved through it and are happy to be on the other side and have our girl back.

In other news, I ran 8 miles today and am pretty sure my body might be pissed at me. I think it might be a full on revolt when I do 13.1.

We are on our way to CA for the week and looking forward to some time with Yaya and Gpa Don.

Here are a few pics from a fun spring play date this week with friends from an old mommy group


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Kerry said...

8 miles - you go girl. you're going to eat 13.1 up. Have so much fun in CA!