We made it!

We made it! We are officially in Tahoe in our little cabin in the woods. We have been her for just over 24 hours and have already gotten sun burnt, had ice cream, played by the lake, hit the playground, unpacked, gone out to breakfast, napped, gone for a bike ride and a run. Amazing. I feel like it is officially summer and Tahoe feels like an old comfortable shoe. I love the way this place smells—a mix of pine trees, fresh air and water.
We kicked off the trip with a stop in Boise for Shannon’s 40th birthday party. Amy threw him a great party at their community barn...here are a few pics from boise and our first day in Tahoe!--Shannon and Logan, hanging by the lake, Parker at the party, Parker & momma taking a breather.


Megan said...

So glad you made it and are loving it! Still can't believe it will be months before we see you again!

Liz and Josh Davis said...

Great job making all that happen! Psyched for you guys. XO

KVV said...

you sound so happy, Sar. Love the pic of you and Miss P. What a shot. lots of love to you