Best. Birthday. Ever (well, except Paris for my 30th). It started with a wonderful brunch with my girlfriends on Sunday. Then, on Monday, Garett orchestrated a surprise visit from my mom. She jumped out of the bathroom and made Parker and I scream, cry and squeal with delight. After the shock wore off, I went for a nice run in the sun (only sunny day all month—I swear). Then, Gar and I went downtown and shopped, ate at LUC and got Molly Moon’s (quickly becoming a birthday tradition). At dinner Gar told me that he had one more surprise: we weren’t going home but to Salish Lodge for the night. And, I am pretty sure that the gift of sleeping-in might have been the best gift ever. Oh, and then a massage on tues am. Best. Best birthday and best husband!
I don’t have many pics to share. Only this one of the lodge on top of the falls from my phone. Amazing!
There is so much more to report as we are packing up our life for 2 months and heading South (may the sun shine on us!!!!!) but I have to go pack some bags. Until next time....

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