We did it! 13.1 miles. Half marathon. Check. First of all, I don’t know how anyone ever runs a marathon. Omg. I would die. Anyway, we did it and it was a great weekend! Everything came together perfectly including some amazing weather. The course was beautiful, we ate good Portland food and stayed at a nice hotel. Parker had fun riding the “train” and jumping on the hotel bed! Here are a few pictures—who knew that running pictures are the most unflattering pics EVER. Thanks to the boys for all their support along the way...Liz, Carly and myself before the race, me hitting mile 13 (whoot. whoot), at the finish line, 900 ladies running!


Teri said...

Yeah! Congratulations!

Carly said...

Those ladies rock!

Inger said...

Yeahhhhhh! Congratulations! Huge accomplishment... given that I care barely run 3 miles right now without seeing stars. Can't wait to see you guys! xo