Pay up, Jesse Grissom!

If you ask my husband what his religion is he might say “bike”. He believes. Bikes make him feel better, he talks to bikes, he fixes bikes, road, mountain--doesnt really matter. He is all bike all the time. Side note: Garett went riding with and OLD Coppercreek Camp pal of mine yesterday. I ran into him last week and told him Garett needed a riding partner while we were in Tahoe. I think like a typical guy he didn’t believe me when I said he was a BIKER. After their ride, I got a text that said” “your husband is an assassin”. HA! Back to the bike. So, last summer when Gar asked me if I wanted a road bike, I thought why not? After all, my husband BELIEVES in bikes, I should at least own one. In late August he bought me Ruby –a fast, blue, road bike. As soon as he bought it, our good friend (and reverend) Jesse said, “why would you do that? I bet you $100 that she doesn’t ride it 10 times (for over an hour) in one year.” Oh, no you didn’t. I love a good challenge. Well, it has been 10 months and I am happy to announce that I went on my 10th ride today. It definitely wasn’t a land slide but I did it none the less. I took a picture after each ride to document (ride 7 didn’t get captured) and although they are terrible pics I have included them below. The timing of this couldn’t be better since the whole Grissom clan is arriving tomorrow and I can’t wait to see them and their $100. :)

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