Fall is coming!

Fall is coming-albeit slowly. Not that we are complaining about 80 degree weather in September! We have had a good couple of weeks being outside, going on a couple of date nights, mtn bike races, baby showers etc. Last weekend, I helped out with a baby shower for my friend Megan Evert who is having a baby girl in Oct. There were 20 ladies there loving up her up. Here are a few pics from the day.
We also started our co-op preschool last week. It is one day a week and is darling! Kelly and Ryder are in the same class with us which is so fun. When we were leaving class yesterday, I caught them on my camera phone holding hands-it was sooooo cute! Next stop, California again!


Inger said...

Too cute. I forgot to tell you - I ran into Kelly at Starbucks and got to meet Ryder when I left your house last month. (Then proceeded with my day and RANDOMLY stood next to a woman for a few minutes at Madison Park before we recognized each other from Jr. High in southern Oregon!) It was a good day. Miss you guys.

Liz and Josh Davis said...

Of course, P is THE hippest little one at the co-op....what a rad Blondie dress!