Cali Time

Just back from a week in California! Parker and I spent some good time at my mom and don's house in Jenner –The Ranch if you will. I think Parker enjoyed having more room to roam (this townhouse is getting smaller as she gets bigger) and new things to explore. She picked apples off the tree (and subsequently says “apple” all.the.time), hung out with Yaya and played in her new kiddie pool and mom's kayak. It was a nice break for me. On Thursday, Karen and Liz brought their girls to the Ranch which was great. I kept saying: “can you believe we have daughters!” Weird.

Garett worked all week in Berkeley but we met up in Napa last weekend and left P with Yaya OVERNIGHT! She did great and so did I. She was in good hands and I was very happy to see her on Sunday!

Here is a pic of the girls, P playing with Yaya in the kayak and my step dad Don.


Ranch Hand said...

gorgeous photos, Sar!

YaYa said...

I'm so impressed with what you're doing with that camera. You have a great eye for composition and for capturing the moment. You're inspiring me to get out my REAL camera and remember how to use it! Keep going, girl, you've got talent! xo