Restaurant Round Up

I think it is time to talk about restaurants. If I didn’t have a blog about Parker, I would have one about fabulous eateries so indulge me for a second. Ok, so in the past few weeks we have eaten at some places worth noting:

· Franks Oyster House and Champagne Parlor (Seattle.Near U Village). Um, Yum. This cute neighborhood spot is officially on my top 5 in Seattle. It feels undiscovered and casual enough for a week night with amazing food. Liz and I went there a few weeks ago and I am still thinking about the Beecher’s cheese biscuits with ham and apple butter. Check it out.
· Flying Squirrel Pizza (Seattle.Genesee)- We had a fun summer meal with our pals Megan and Brian at this far away (well at least from Green Lake) pizza joint. It is hip, funky with some of the best pizza in Seattle. If you are ever south of Seattle, get there.
· Speaking of pizza. When in San Francisco go to Flour + Water (SF). A great, upscale pizza place in the Mission. Word is out about this place so go early.

Sounds like I need to hit the gym :)

Oh and one pic of Parker Pie from the week. Reading her book in the big brown chair. Check out the hair. Not even clips can tame her mane....

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Liz and Josh Davis said...

I'm still thinking about those cheese biscuts, too! Love you & little Frenchie!