Merry (barf) Christmas...

The stomach flu sucks. I would rather have a snotty nose any day of the week—it was like a barf-a-rama around here which is no way to spend Christmas Eve. I think Garett & I are scarred from a long night of barfing and watching Parker being sick and sad. In any case, we made the best of it and came out the other side. We spent one night (instead of 2) in Yakima with the Heitman/Carroll gang which was good. Parker had SO much fun with her cousins. Her older girl cousin, Kallie, and her could not stop hugging—it was like they were long lost girlfriends. Awww. Anyway, a few shots from the weekend... J & D, Christmas Parker, Sweet cousin Kallie, Parker and her cousins: Kallie & Peyton ( I know she looks pissed but this is the best one of the lot...)

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