I am so grateful for such wonderful girlfriends! This past weekend all 4 of my college pals came to visit us. I am thrilled that they got to meet Parker when she was so young and amazed at how well they know me ( I guess that is what 15 years of friendship gets ya!) They cooked me yummy meals, took me out to a real dinner (without the baby!), did my laundry, changed diapers and loved up the little lady. It was a wonderful weekend and I hope they know how incredibly thankful and grateful I am….Beaming. Also, thanks to Kerry for letting them use her house and car!

On Wednesday, our little ladybug will be one month old! Below is our first family portrait..(I am not sure why it has taken us this long?!) as well as a link to the right with pictures from the past week.

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Mom said...

'Beaming' is right! You look soooo happy in your first family portrait... Love those Davis girls.