Still in California

This is our last week in California and we are spending it in Berkeley. Garett is working all week and Parker and I are going to try to get in some more time with friends and family. We have had a great time so far and have consumed fabulous food, hung with good friends, played golf, thrown a baby shower (me, not gar!) hiked and packed and un-packed the car a bunch of times. So fun (minus the packing the car part)!

Parker was officially 4 months yesterday and is doing well. She is getting ready to sit up by herself (maybe a few more weeks?) and is making us laugh daily.

Some recent pics….Parker hanging with dad, Liz at her baby shower, Soph holding the best shower cupcakes in the world!

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Liz and Josh Davis said...

its been so amazing having you here.....dont leave! xo