Where to start? So many things to report…First of all, its still snowing. We are trying to make the best of it but I miss 50 and rainy! We had a great holiday and were very happy to not travel anywhere since it was a total mess at SEATAC. We spent xmas eve and day with gar’s brothers and dad & susan which was great and then xmas dinner with good pals last night. Parker is doing well, she is almost 5 months (how did that happen?!) and is sitting up on her own (with a spotter) and starting to grab for food. Here are a few pics from the past week: Our little cupcake sitting up (who me?), Gar and his girl going out into the SNOW,Parker on xmas eve wearing the hat that Susan made her!

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Liz and Josh Davis said...

i honestly love her so much. she is looking different even from a couple weeks ago. 5 months? wowza!
miss you guys!