Sleepy Sleep

For 5 months we have been swaddling and coaxing our little girl to sleep. Tonight, we decided it was time that she learn to do it herself and it was torture. Alas, she sleeps (after 56 minutes) but yikes it went against every fiber in my mama core! I hope tomorrow night gets easier… Here are a couple of pictures from the past few days…Resting and growing some hair (just a few!)

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erinjohn said...

we're right there with you girl! marcus has been struggling to fall asleep with rocking and we gave sleep training the first attempt last night too! good luck & believe me it's worth it! we did it with owen at 6 months, and he's slept through the night since. i really believe that him sleeping on his own gave john and i the needed time to focus on ourselves and one another!

happy sleeping :)