What a week?!

First and most notable is that I officially quit my job on Thursday (smart in this crazy economy?). It was such a hard decision but I had to do what felt right in my belly. Alas, I am a stay at home mom. For now at least. And on the very same day, Parker got her first round of vaccinations. I did WAY too much reading and got myself into a tizzy about all that is unknown. Incidentally, they were out of most of the vaccines so P just got one. Garett and I were there to watch our little ladybug get poked and SCREAM as loud as her little lungs allowed. Luckily, they gave her a really cute pink camo band aid and she slept off the pain…After the day on Thursday, Garett let me sleep in on Friday morning while he worked from home. I came downstairs well rested and saw this. Little P loves her papa (as do I!!!)Lastly, we topped off the week with leaving Parker for the first time and went on a date! Our dear friend Kerry watched Parker and allowed us to go sit at the bar of one of our favorite restaurants. It felt like and incredible treat..thanks to Ker for being such a good auntie! You can see Parker already loves her so.

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